Alexa Bliss Wants Women To Headline WrestleMania

Alexa Bliss doesn't consider the women's revolution done after the Royal Rumble.

Some feel that by having their own Royal Rumble, that the women's revolution has peaked and can go no further. But Bliss, in an interview with Sky Sports, disagrees.

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"You're never done," she told them. "The WWE has been at the forefront of promoting women in sports entertainment and athletics. But it would be awesome if one day we main event WrestleMania. That would be amazing."

"At the moment, the fact that we're making history is very exciting," she added. "I'm very excited by this Royal Rumble match because the revolution didn't start with just one or two women. So the fact you have every woman included is awesome."

At the Royal Rumble, people are expecting at least one or two names from the past that might enter to try and compete for a women's title match at WrestleMania. Bliss doesn't think the revolution started with her generation, so she thinks its cool names form the past may be recognized.

"I don't think it really started with our generation," she said. "It started with the previous women, the divas. If they hadn't have had the types of matches they had then and been given the types of opportunities they had then, we wouldn't have what we have now. So I think it's great to see how we're perceived now and everything but it started before us. The fact that the fact notice that change is amazing and it's leading to us main eventing and having historic matches and it's been an amazing thing for women."

The first ever women's Royal Rumble match takes place this Sunday. Stephanie McMahon will be on commentary.

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