All Elite Wrestling Power Rankings - Week Four

We're three weeks into AEW Dynamite and the fourth week in the official AEW Power Rankings.

This week's show was another easy watch, although it lacked a little something that the first two shows had. By no means was it a bad show, but it feels like AEW Dynamite hits you with match after match and little time for anything else. I don't need 20-minute promos to open the show. But this show certainly needed some breathing room.

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Here's how it works; I rank anything and everything from the past week of AEW Dynamite, giving what I liked a low number and what I didn't like a higher number. The numbers are fairly arbitrary, but an explanation accompanies each ranking. Because AEW won't use the same talent every week, you won't see the same people, places, or things ranked every week. If you don't see something ranked, feel free to ask me on social media (@jeremylambert88) where it would fall. I will use a random number generator and reply ASAP.

If you missed anything from AEW Dynamite, check out Fightful's full report on the show. You can also catch up on where things stand with last week's Power Rankings.

AEW Power Rankings - Week Four

1. Chris Jericho

At this point, Jericho is the New England Patriots. He's going to be in one of the top spots every week until further notice. I like Jericho being the speaker for Santana & Ortiz. Instead of them issuing the challenge to The Young Bucks, Jericho continues to be the mouthpiece for the group. It's a nice touch and shows Jericho's power, which could work against him at some point down the line. Jericho also notched his first successful AEW World Title defense, having previously lost to Longhorn.

2. Riho

A successful AEW Women's Title defense earns Rihno high marks once again. She should be in the main event. I'm not sure against who since she's already beaten Nyla Rose and Britt Baker, and AEW has yet to establish another female as a threat, but she should still be in the main event.

3. Jon Moxley's Hatred Of Tag Team Matches

First, it was the six-man tag with The Elite vs. The Inner Circle. This week is was his own tag team match with Pac against Omega and Page. Doesn't matter to Jon Moxley. He hates tag team wrestling and would much prefer handicap matches.

4. Scorpio Sky

Just Scorpio Sky. Kazarian is cool and The Best Friends were part of the match, but Scorpio Sky really shined in the tag team match.

5. Foo Fighters

Chris Jericho was trying to lay down a challenge and all I could hear was Ortiz saying "The Best!" Over and over from ringside. And it reminded me of The Foo Fighters song "Best Of You." The best. The best. The best. The best. The best. The best. The best of you. And now "Best of You" is stuck in your head. You're welcome.

9. Video Packages

It was only one video package. And it was focusing on Cody Rhodes, the guy everyone already knows, but we're moving in the right direction. Now do these video packages for less established talent like Shawn Spears.

10. The Inner Circle

All they do is win, win, win, no matter what.

18. Santana & Ortiz

A squash victory over a team who will never be heard from again doesn't do much for them in the rankings. But a win is a win.

22. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

They win, which is good. But the manner in how they picked up the victory doesn't do a ton for them.

29. Guy In The Front Row Wearing A Nathan MacKinnon Jersey

You wear the jersey of the team I root for at an AEW event, you find yourself in the official power rankings. I don't make the rule...Yes, I do.

30. Flying Shoes

Take that, Matt Riddle.

32. Jon Moxley's Promo

It was good, but that was Jon Moxley's first televised promo? I wish they would have shown the promo he cut last week that they put on social media. This promo felt like a watered down version of that.

35. Marko Stunt

Lost the match but did his job on short notice. He's a small guy who makes other "small guys" look massive, bumps well, and gets in some hope spots. I fail to see the issue. Ya'll see who the AEW Women's Champion is, right?

42. Proud N Powerful

Okay, stick with Santana & Ortiz. Proud N Powerful is not a good tag team name and their theme music might be even worse.

53. Britt Baker

I can't get a grip on Britt Baker. She's presented like a star in the women's division, yet it was a mistake to put her on commentary the first week and it feels like a mistake beating her this early in a Women's Title bout. There's plenty of time to tell her story, but right now she's better off sticking with the dentist career. At least there no one will try to give her a black eye or roll her up when she goes near their mouth.

55. The Stretcher

A stretcher job for a package piledriver on the ramp? I know Christopher Daniels is old but I watched Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega and the Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks ladder match. If that's going to be a stretcher job, they better have a dozen ambulances on call for AEW Full Gear.

61. Jungle Jack Luke Perry's Boy

Jim Ross and Excalibur have to get on the same page with this.

70. Lucha Bros vs. Stunt & Jungle Boy

I didn't like this match. And it had nothing to do with Marko Stunt, as you just read. It was an overly long squash that felt like 20 minutes even though it was just a hair over ten minutes. With Luchasaurus being injured, they obviously had to change up the match. But it doesn't seem as if they changed up the story or timing, which should have been the case.

85. Disqualifications

What are they?

97. Darby Allin's Friends

He has none.

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