All Elite Wrestling Presents All Out Results CM Punk Victorious, Bryan Danielson & Adam Cole Debut

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for All Elite Wrestling's All Out event!

The Buy In

Two Opera Cup Bouts Set For 10/27 MLW Fusion ALPHA

- We open the pre-show with a video package for tonights event before we go to the announce team and a get a breakdown for tonight's card before we get a video package for Chris Jericho and MJF where if Chris loses he'll never be able to compete in a AEW ring again.

Ten Man Tag Team Match
The Hardy Family Office & The Hybrid 2 vs Jurassic Express & Best Friends

Matt and Chuck start the match off before Orange comes in and Lucha tags himself in before Matt backs off and tags in Jack who gets shoved backwards before man handling him and Jungle hits a slingshot senton for two before Jack and Jungle exchange strikes until Jungle dropkicks Jack and Wheeler and Isiah come in and PP double up on Wheeler for two. Jack comes back in and everyone lock in a submission on each other until Lucha runs over the pile and takes out both members of H2 and PP before PP double up on Lucha and send him into the post before Orange comes in and kicks Matt and PP before sending Matt out of the ring and getting doubled up by PP. Chuck suplexes Isiah into Marq before hitting a tope and Wheeler hits Angelico with a diving splash for a near fall that Jack breaks up before PP hit Chuck with Gin & Juice for a near fall that Orange breaks up before hitting Jack and PP with head scissors before Matt hits him with a Twist of Fate and Chuck sends Matt out of the ring before Wheeler and Chuck hit topes and take out PP at ringside. Jungle then hits a brain buster before Jack and Jungle exchange strikes on Angelico and Lucha's shoulders before Jungle hits Isiah with a Spanish fly off of Lucha's shoulders before Lucha hits Angelico with a Tail Whip and Jungle taps Angelico out with the Snare Trap for the win.

Winner: Best Friends and Jurassic Express defeat The Hardy Family Office and The Hybrid 2 via submission.

- After the match The Butcher shows up and he and The Blade take out Orange before Jurassic Express and The Varsity Blondes come out and save Orange when HFO go to cut Orange's hair off.

Main Show

AEW TNT Championship Match
Miro (c) vs Eddie Kingston

Miro immediately takes Eddie down and goes for Game Over before Eddie goes for a full nelson and Miro rolls out of the ring before taking control at ringside as he whips Eddie into the barricade and superkicks him before Eddie drops Miro with a boot and goes for a dive off of the apron which Miro catches him and hits a powerslam onto the floor. Miro drives Eddie into the post several times before dropping him and playing to the crowd before bringing Eddie back inside and choking him in the ropes before locking in a rear naked choke and dropkicks Eddie once he gets to his feet before hitting a running splash in the corner before missing a jumping splash and Eddie rocks him with an enzuigiri. Miro rolls out onto the apron before Eddie hits a sliding elbow drop and sends MIro down onto the floor before attempting a suicide dive that Miro counters before Eddie hits a back suplex before they exchange strikes until Eddie hits several Saito suplexes for a deep two count. Miro rolls out of the ring before Eddie hits a suicide dive and tosses Miro back inside before Miro drives Eddie into the corner and hits him with forearms to the kidneys into a German before superkicking Eddie after Eddie inadvertently rips off the top turnbuckle pad. Miro then locks in Game Over before Eddie gets to the ropes for the break before Eddie hits a DDT for a near fall before Miro counters a piledriver and the referee stops Eddie from sending MIro into the turnbuckle without a pad before Miro low blows Eddie and hits a roundhouse kick into the Machka Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Miro retains his TNT title by defeating Eddie Kingston via pinfall.

Satoshi Kojima vs Jon Moxley

Satoshi and Jon exchange strikes immediately before Satoshi drops Jon and plays to the crowd before Jon rolls out of the ring and Satoshi follows him and hits him with clubbing blows before Jon hits a suicide dive and takes control back in the ring as he chops Satoshi in the corner before he turns it around with his signature machine gun chops. Satoshi hits a running forearm in the corner into a snap mare and a diving elbow drop for two before Jon hits a back suplex and Satoshi counters a vertical suplex and sets Jon up top before hitting a superplex and a DDT for a deep two count before Jon locks in a choke and transitions into a release suplex before locking in an arm bar. Satoshi gets to the ropes for the break before Jon drops Satoshi with a knee and Satoshi counters the Paradigm Shift into a brainbuster before Jon hits a German and Satoshi a Koji Cutter before Jon locks in a bulldog choke and Satoshi gets to the ropes for the break before Jon kicks Satoshi in the chest and Satoshi catches a kick before hitting Jon with Mongolian chops and Jon headbutts him. Jon then hits a pair of Paradigm Shifts for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley defeats Satoshi Kojima via pinfall.

- After the match Minoru Suzuki comes out to the ring and faces off with Jon before taking his jacket off and the two exchange words before strikes until Minoru chokes Jon and hits him with a Gotch Style Piledriver.

AEW Women's World Championship Match
Britt Baker (c) (w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter) vs Kris Statlander

Kris and Britt exchange wrist locks before Britt take Kris down and Kris gets to the feet before Britt can lock in a submission before Kris grabs Britt and she scrambles to the ropes for the break before Britt takes Kris down and Kris gets back to her feet and drops Britt with a shoulder block before Kris mule kicks Britt and Britt meets her up top. Britt drags Kris down and hits a twisting neckbreaker before Kris rolls out of the ring and Britt smashes her face into the apron before Kris gets back inside and Britt stomps her before hitting a float over suplex into a rear chin lock before Kris comes back with chops and forearms into a running forearm and a running knee in the corner. Britt comes back with a sling blade before Kris hits a falcon arrow for two before Britt gets two off of a back slide into a DDT for a deep two count before superkicking Kris and Kris catches a kick and rocks Britt with a roundhouse kick before Britt counters her into a roll up for two before Britt hits a flat liner into the middle turnbuckle. Kris stops Britt up top before hitting a superplex and missing a 450 before Britt locks in a cross face that Kris counters and they end up outside where Britt hits a running stomp onto the floor before Kris gets back inside and Britt counters a submission with up kicks before stomping Kris in the corner. Britt then hits a sunrise in honor of Adam for a near fall before hitting another stomp for a second consecutive near fall before locking in the Lock Jaw for the verbal submission and the win.

Winner: Britt Baker retains her AEW Women's World title by defeating Kris Statlander via submission.

- Backstage Andrade is interviewed backstage about how his match against PAC won't happen tonight before accusing Chavo of canceling PAC's flight before Chavo says that everyone knows that PAC is afraid of Andrade.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match
Young Bucks (c) vs Lucha Bros

The four face off before brawling and the Bucks try to climb the cage before they're stopped by the Bros who trap them between the ropes and cage before Fenix hits Nick with a springboard frankensteiner and Penta hits a diving headbutt for two before they superkick the Bucks and launch them into the sides of the cage before spearing them only to miss a second attempt and go head first into the sides of the cage. The Bucks take control and double up on Fenix after trapping Penta between the side of the ring and cage as Matt chokes Fenix with a chain before Fenix comes back and sends Matt head first into the side of the cage with a head scissors before Penta hits a back stabber for two before hitting Nick with a backbreaker. Fenix hits a double cutter before superkicking Matt and Penta hits a driver for two before Nick saves Matt and back drops Fenix onto the apron as Matt locks in a submission on Penta before they lock in a double submission on Penta and Fenix saves him. The Bucks hit a draping swanton bomb for two before superkicking Fenix into the side of the cage and gets a double near fall on the Bros before low blowing the both of them and hitting More Bang for Your Buck before Nick rips Penta's mask and the Bucks lawn dart Fenix into the side of the cage. Penta shields Fenix before the Bucks superkick him with thumb tacks in the bottom of their shoes before they send Fenix into the side of the cage and drive Penta's face into the tacks before hitting Penta with the BTE Trigger for a near fall before Fenix hits a Fenix Driver for a near fall before Penta hits Matt with an avalanche destroyer.

A superkick party then ensues before everyone collapse and Fenix and Penta hit Nick with the Fear Factor for a near fall that Matt breaks up before Fenix hits a diving cross body off of the top of the cage and LB pin Nick with an assisted piledriver for the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat the Young Bucks via pinfall to become the new AEW World Tag Team titles.

AEW Women's World Championship Number One Contender Casino Battle Royale Match

Hikaru Shida comes out first before Skye Blue comes out second, Emi Sakura at number three, The Bunny at four and Abadon at five to complete the first set before the clock ticks down and Abadon eliminates Skye and Bunny eliminates Abadon as the diamonds start off with Anna Jay at six, Kiera Hogan at seven, KiLynn King at eight, and Diamante at nine before the suite ends with Nyla Rose at number ten. Nyla eliminates Hikaru before the heart suit starts with Thunder Rosa at eleven, Penelope Ford at twelve, Rhino at thirteen, Jamie Hayter at fourteen, and Big Swole ends the suit at fifteen before Swole eliminates Diamante and Jamie eliminates Swole before the next suit begins with Tay Conti at sixteen, Red Velvet at seventeen, Leyla Hirsch at eighteen, and Jade Cargill nineteen before Rebel ends the suit at twenty. Jade eliminates Rebel, Anna eliminates Bunny, Penelope eliminating Anna, and Jade eliminating Leyla before the timer counters down and Ruby Soho is revealed as the Joker to finalize the list of competitors before Jade eliminates Jamie and Red Velvet before Nyla eliminates Jade. Tay then eliminates Penelope before Nyla eliminates Tay and Rosa eliminates Nyla to bring the final two down to Ruby and Rosa before Ruby last eliminates Rosa for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho wins the battle royale and an opportunity to challenge Britt Baker for her AEW Women's World title.

Chris Jericho vs MJF

Chris sweep MJF and goes for a Walls of Jericho before MJF turns it into a pin attempt for two before MJF drops Chris and Chris rolls out of the ring before MJF goes out after him and Chris sends MJF into the railing before they brawl into the crowd and back at ringside before MJF traps Chris in the apron and beats on him before biting his fingers. Chris counters a suplex into one of his own before hitting a bulldog into a backbreaker for two before MJF stomps the arm of Chris and focuses on it to set up the Fujiwara he uses as his finisher before the two exchange forearms until MJF catches Chris coming off of the top with a code breaker for two before hitting a lionsault and mounted punches in the corner before MJF hits an avalanche sit-out powerbomb for two. MJF goes for a superplex before Chris fights him off and hits an MX off of the second rope for two before Wardlow comes out to the ring and Jake Hager follows him before the two brawl to the back and MJF hits Chris with a bat when the referee is distracted. MJF hits Chris with the Judas Effect for the pin and the win as Chris gets his foot on the bottom rope before the referee restarts the match and Chris rolls MJF up for a near fall before MJF counters the Judas Effect into the Fujiwara before Chris rolls him up for two and Chris locks in the Walls and forces MJF to tap for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho defeats MJF via submission.

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

The two sit down on the mat before locking up and Darby arm drags Punk before Punk locks in a standing side headlock and runs Darby over before the two exchange headlocks and hammer locks before Punk hits a scoop slam and they run the ropes before Darby runs Punk over and scrambles out of the room when Punk teases a GTS. Darby gets back into the ring and Darby hits an arm drag into a running back elbow in the corner before Punk whips Darby into the post and he goes flying through the ropes and down onto the floor after bouncing off of said post before Punk brings him back inside for two and locks in a bow and arrow before Darby gets to the ropes for the break. Punk hits a back suplex for two before hitting a kitchen sink and locks in an abdominal stretch before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two and locking in a rear chin lock before Darby comes back with a cutter before slapping Punk and hitting a springboard back elbow into a cradle for two before countering a GTS into a sunset flip for two. Darby hits a code red for two before getting two off of a jack knife and Punk hits a GTS that sends Darby through the ropes and crashing down onto the floor before Darby gets back in at nine before Punk calls for another GTS and puts Darby on his shoulders before Darby elbows him down and Punk rolls out of the ring before Darby hits a suicide dive. Darby then hits a flipping senton onto Punk at ringside before rolling him back inside and teasing a Coffin Drop that Punk dodges by sitting up before Darby gets two off of a back slide and counters a GTS into the Last Supper for a near fall before Punk hits the GTS for the pin and the win.

Winner: CM Punk defeats Darby Allin via pinfall.

- After the match Sting comes back and he and Punk shake hands before Punk checks on Darby and Punk and Darby shake hands before Sting and Darby leave Punk in the ring.

QT Marshall (w/ The Factory) vs Paul Wight

Paul dispatches of The Factory before the match starts before chopping QT in the corner and QT dropkicks his knee before laying into Paul with strikes before dropkicking him for two as Paul launches QT through the ropes and out of the ring before Paul tosses him away when he goes for a cutter before Paul clotheslines QT and hits a back drop before pulling The Factory into the ring and taking them out before pinning QT with a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Paul Wight defeats QT Marshall via pinfall.

AEW World Championship Match
Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis) vs Christian Cage

The two exchange strikes before ending up outside where Christian chops Kenny at ringside before sending Kenny into the railing and hitting a diving clothesline off of the top and into Kenny at ringside before Kenny whips Christian into the steps and puts a table on top of him before hitting a jumping stomp onto the table before he and Don set up another table at ringside. Christian suplexes Kenny onto the floor when Kenny goes to suplex him through the table before rolling Kenny back inside and chopping him against the ropes before Kenny locks in a rear chin lock and Christian gets to his feet before Kenny hits a back suplex and sets Christian up top. Kenny knocks Christian down onto the floor before hitting a moonsault off of the railing and sending Christian back into the ring for two before slapping Christian who lays into Kenny with right hands before Kenny whips him sternum first into the corner before hitting an ushigoroshi for two before Christian crotches him up top. Christian hits a frankensteiner before Kenny misses a back elbow in the corner and Christian hits mounted punches before choking Kenny in the ropes and slapping him in the face before Kenny counters a cloverleaf and Christian hits a reverse DDT for two. Kenny drops Christian with a knee before driving Christian into the corner and Christian hits a tornado DDT for two before Kenny counters a Killswitch and hits a leg lariat into a V-Trigger and hits a trio of snap dragons before hitting another V-Trigger that send Christian through the ropes and Kenny stomps him.

Kenny goes for a German off of the apron and through the table before Christian counters and Kenny sends him into the post before Christian counters a One Winged Angel off of the apron into a spear off of the apron and onto the table that collapses and the end of it breaks with the leg piercing the ribs of Christian before they get back into the ring and Christian turns Kenny inside out with a spear for a near fall. Kenny gets his knees up when Christian goes for a frog splash before kneeing Christian in the face and Christian blocks a V-Trigger before Kenny hits a ripcord V-Trigger and Christian counters a Tiger Driver into a cloverleaf before Don calls for the Good Brothers and Kenny accidentally takes out Doc with a V-Trigger before Christian counters the One Winged Angel into the Killswitch for a near fall. Christian then sets Kenny up top before Don gets into the ring and Christian chases him out of the ring before going for an avalanche Killswitch and Kenny hits an avalanche One Winged Angel for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega retains his AEW World Championship by defeating Christian Cage via pinfall.

- After the match The Elite celebrate with Kenny after taking out Jurassic Express and Adam Cole debuts and faces off with Kenny before superkicking Jungle Boy and sharing a hug with the Bucks before getting on the mic and talking about how dominate The Elite are before they're interrupted by the debuting Bryan Danielson who gets into the ring and sides with Jurassic Express and Christian and everyone sans Omega who escapes brawl. JE, Christian, and BD then clear the ring before BD celebrates with JE and Christian as The Elite leave up the ring as we go off the air.

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