Allie Kat Discusses Her Short-Lived Decision To Take A Hiatus From Wrestling

Anthony Suter of the Smark to Death podcast recently spoke to independent wrestler Allie Kat about what made her stick around professional wrestling after declaring a hiatus, the GCW match that helped change her mind, intergender wrestling, and the origin of the Allie Kat character. You can check out the full podcast at this link or above.

Allie Kat discussed her mindset when deciding to continue her career in professional wrestling

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“I was going to take a hiatus because stuff in my life went topsy-turvey. It was very up in like ‘where am I going to live now, where am I going to go?’ You need to have this home base, so people know where to fly you out of, where you are coming out of, where you are driving from. That is so very important in wrestling and I didn’t have that together. And I didn’t want to continue taking bookings and not know where I’m coming or going from. I was like I need to get my life figured out, I need to settle down somewhere, I need to prioritize. I need to take some time off, get settled in, get some money.

And literally, I had a weekend. I said the hiatus thing on a Tuesday and then that Thursday was GCW and that weekend I had a few more matches. And I was like, ‘yeah, what am I thinking. This is what keeps me sane and this is what makes me happy. I love all these locker rooms I am in, I love these fans that I meet. I was like, yeah there is no way I’m taking any time off. “

Allie Kat elaborated on one of the matches that helped her decide to continue wrestling

“I got a please come back chant at the end of it. I’m not gonna lie, on Thursday I went into GCW and I said, ‘look guys, I’m ready to do dumb stuff [in the ring]. I’m not in a good place.’ So, I said yes to everything. I wasn’t going to get in my head, I’m gonna say yes to everything and we’re gonna do whatever. I had such a great match and I had so many people tell me that was their favorite match. To hear that from so many people, I was like ‘yea, this I what I need.’”

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