Amber Nova Talks Working With Malia Hosaka, Quitting EMT Job

Impact Wrestling's Amber Nova spoke to Interactive Wrestling Radio for an interview recently. You can hear the full podcast above, and check out highlights below. 

The origins and the location of the famed "Garage":
"Thank you for the introduction. I am the classic car driving pro wrestler. I drive a '73 Chevy Nova. The Garage is pretty much... I was born in Jersey, my parents were born and raised in Jersey. But, I grew up in Beaufort, Hilton Head Islands, South Carolina area. The Garage is pretty much where I'm built from. My identity. My dad's a mechanic. I drive a '73 Chevy Nova. I wield a wrench. I carry a wrench down to the ring with me. Any chick, or man, that steps into the ring with me, I'm ready to give a tune up. That's what the wrench is for! (laughs) I am from the Garage because that's who I am. That's my wrestling identity. That's my character."

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Leaving her career prior to wrestling to take up wrestling:
"So, I was an EMT. I did Medical Transport for a couple of years and was going to sign on to County Service and probably retire in 20 years. But then, there was always that.. You know, you're driving around in an ambulance all day. You're with your partners. You're helping people. But, I always would watch wrestling with my dad when I was a kid and still dod when I grew older. I saw these young women coming on the scene - Sasha Banks, Paige. And, I was like, "Wow, you know, they don't look like Chyna. And, I don't look like Chyna. But, I'm pretty athletic and I think I can hold my own." It was just a dream. And, I had to balls to the wall, excuse my language, just go for it. So, I moved down to Orlando by myself because I knew the WWE Performance Center was down here, I knew Impact Wrestling did their TV tapings down here, I knew that Orlando was the heart of Florida. I knew that Florida was the next state so I wouldn't move too far from my family which I think is a good thing. I just shifted it into Nova Drive and just did it! (laughs)"


Training at the Team Vision Dojo:
"That is where I had my first match and that is where I train, the I Believe in Wrestling school known as the Team Vision Dojo. That is where I came down and met many wrestlers. I've had a great time. At this school, I've had seminars with Hector Guerrero, Marty Jannetty, Saraya Knight, Scott Hall, Larry Zbyszko... I could just keep naming people I've been able to meet and learn from and take bits and pieces from who walk into this dojo to train and perfect their craft. I'm trying to perfect my craft by different styles that I can incorporate into my style and my craft."


Working with the legendary Malia Hosaka:
"Yes, Malia Hosaka! I wrestled her at the Monsters Wrestling Orlando in downtown Orlando. Definitely a tough cookie. I held my own with her as best as I could. It was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot. I was on the radio talking about it. When I was in the ring with her, I was like "Damn! She's my mom's age and she's kicking my ass!" (laughs) It was good. It was damn good."

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