'And F*ck That Owl': Reby Hardy Just Put Anthem & Impact Wrestling On Blast

Okay, a little backstory here:

Matt and Jeff Hardy left Impact Wrestling last week, choosing not to sign an altered contract when it was sent to them last minute.


Since then, they've appeared in Ring of Honor, capturing the ROH Tag Team Titles from the Young Bucks at last Friday's Manhattan Mayhem event.

Impact wrote the characters off the show last night. You can see how in the video above.

Matt Hardy believes he owns the Broken Matt and Brother Nero characters and gimmicks. Anthem believes that they are the property of Impact Wrestling.

Matt Hardy filed for a trademark on the Broken Matt name.

Anthem didn't like that very much ... behind the scenes.

Publicly, Anthem president Ed Nordholm wished the Hardys well:

But apparenty, a development has occurred. Impact Wrestling is taking legal action against Matt Hardy to prevent gim from using the "Broken" name.

This has Matt's wife, Reby--no stranger to Impact herself--so mad that she just went SCORCHED EARTH on Twitter.

Buckle up, kids. 

This is the video package she's referring to, by the way:

So yeah.

Someone should probably call the Impact offices.

I think they might all be dead now.


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