Anderson & Gallows Want To Get The Bullet Club Back Together ... With Finn Balor

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were interviewed for the  Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, where they spoke about their frustrations with their current run in WWE and their desire to re-form the Bullet Club with Finn Balor.

If you're a fan who's been frustrated by the way Gallows & Anderson haven't quite been able to get over the hump in WWE, you've got some company. They're just as frustrated by their current run as you are.

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Anderson began: “It’s a little stop and start-ski. We’re just entertaining the masses, putting smiles on faces, and enjoying traveling the whole world, baby. I mean, we’re trying our hardest. We’re throwing a lot of pitches out there. They don’t seem to be… they just seem to be falling. We’re trying, baby.”

Gallows added: “We’re fighting the good fight up there, good brother. We’ll get there.”

One reason for their optimism is that their old running buddy, Finn Balor is due back from injury soon. Anderson is clamoring to get his old pal back on the active roster, and maybe even getting up to their old tricks.

“I can’t wait to get him back. I was just texting with him today and I’m always afraid he’s kayfabing me or lying to me about showing up because, I’m telling you, I named my second son after him, his middle name. If he shows up and I don’t know about it, I’m going to be hot, man. There’d be heat. There’d be a little heat-ski. He’d better fill a brother in. He’d better not show up. I don’t have any date. I’m like, ‘where are you?’ He’s like, ‘I’m in Iceland.’ I’m like, ‘man, you’re not in Iceland. Are you lying to me?Yeah, if you just show up, I’m really going to question our friendship, man. You’ve got to shoot me a little warning text.’ Let him come back. Let us reform the original Bullet Club. We’ll just tear everything apart. That’s one of those pitches we’ve thrown. We’ll see if it sticks or not.”

So according to Karl Anderson, he and Gallows have pitched the idea of re-forming the Bullet Club with Finn Balor. The Demon King is on track to return by Wrestlemania, so we might not have to wait too long to see if that pitch connected with the powers that be.

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