Andrew Everett: Finally Impact Has Stablilty

Impact Wrestling star Andrew Everett recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a new interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

The new Impact owners and creative direction:
"Finally there is some stability and that is something that we, as performers, weren't guaranteed for a while. It is nice to see. ANd, they have thought enough of me and Z to let us run with this tag team and let us give the best performances we can and that they are confident we can. It is a breath of fresh air. It is the most fun I've had in wrestling in a long time!"

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Talent he'd like to see come to Impact Wrestling:
"There's so much talent in professional wrestling right now. It is ridiculous! I particularly find the UK, the British, to be so damn good. Guys that have the character and the skill and I find that coming out of England more and more."


The current state of wrestling with so many promotions to choose from:
"I ust think this is the most exciting time to be a wrestler since, probably, the Monday Night Wars. You have options to go out and make money now. For a while there, it was just WWE or nothing. I mean, Impact was always around. But, with the influx of New Japan becoming more and more popular States side, It has to be the most interesting time to be a professional wrestler that I can think of. At least in my career, I know that for a fact. All In! They sold out 10,000 seats in under 30 minutes! That's preposterous! It is a sign that, and I think those whole heartedly, being a professional wrestling fan is becoming cool again."


If "Sky-Walker" Means He's a Star Wars Fan:
"I'm not that big of a fan (of Star Wars). It was something that was said and kind of stuck. People noted that I tend to hang there in the air and not come down for a little bit. It just took! (laughs)"


His future plans at Impact Wrestling:
"Slammiversary! July 22nd! It is going to be a really big deal. 16 years in the making! 16 years!"

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