Andrew Everett Says Winning Impact Tag Titles Is His Biggest Accomplishment

Impact Wrestling star Andrew Everett recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a new interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

Defeating Scott Steiner and Eli Drake for the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles:
"Just to touch on Scott Steiner, like you said, one of the best tag team wrestlers to ever walk on the face of the planet. A legend in his own right. It is weird being in there with a guy that you saw growing up dominate the tag team division. Pulling out a win against someone like Steiner is a big deal! On the other hand, Eli Drake is so damn large and powerful and so damn fast too! People sometimes don't realize... You've seen Eli do springboard moonsaults and all that. He can go! He can fly! A little bit of miscommunication on their part helped us out. But, you know, we got the win and now we've got the titles!"

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This being his biggest wrestling accomplishment to date:
"Oh definitely! And to do it with somebody like Z is just an honor. He's probably one of the better guys I've ever met in wrestling. He just inspires me, man! Becoming a tag team champion with him, my first Impact gold, is a big deal!"


How the Z&E Team with DJZ Was Formed:
"Necessity, I would say. We both had similar pasts in Impact. Setbacks with injuries... I've had three episodes with knee injuries. He almost died last year, ya know, no big deal! (laughs) Setbacks! We came together and we both wanted to push it even further. Like I said, he's a big inspiration to me. He has no quit. He just keeps going. He comes back from injury and there is no taking it easy. He's 100% out the gate all the time. We tagged at (AAA) TripleMania last year. We tagged in the Lucha Libre World Cup at the Korakuen Hall in Japan. We thought we might as well bring it State side and see what we can do with it at Impact!"

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