Anna Jay Treats Wrestling Like It's Real Because Brodie Lee Taught Her To | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Thursday, July 1, 2021:

- Speaking on the most recent episode of the Oral Sessions podcast, Anna Jay revealed the best advice she's ever received from Brodie Lee.

WWE Files Another Trademark Related To NIL Programs

"He always said, you know, whenever I went out there, like basically to treat it, like, it was real, obviously you don't hurt anyone, but just to go out there and just have the mindset of like, this is real and it will be portrayed that way. So that helped a lot."

- has reported there were a few employees let go today from WWE HQ. Reportedly, are told some were from the marketing department.

- Speaking with Sportskeeda, Eric Escobar spoke about his brief time with WWE where he was paired with Vickie Guerrero.

"First of all, I was a huge fan of Eddie. Rest his soul. So, having to get to work with his widow, that was pretty amazing. That was a pretty big deal for me. Second, she was like the biggest heel of the company at that time. Yeah, just with that one word, 'Excuse me,' so obnoxious. Oh my god! Sometimes I would go, 'Oh my god, this is obnoxious!' But you know, you have to love every second of it. Yeah, I think working with Vickie was a great experience. I wish the company would have stuck with it longer," said Escobar.

- The emotional video from the end of last night's episode of Dynamite was given an attitude era refresher courtesy of Tiger Driver 9X.

- ICYMI: Bea Priestley has debuted in the next to UK and is now known as Blair Davenport.

- Today, WWE stock closed at $58.36.

- Check out the full episode of Effy on Oral Sessions posted by Lita

- Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Ted DiBiase revealed he would not be opposed to his children being professional wrestlers.

“Oh man. I’m gonna support whatever they do I believe in that, and giving them the proper instruction. Also positioning them for the greatest success they can have, whatever that is. I would want to know if it’s something they are really passionate about or if it’s chasing fame or money. Those things are fleeting and it isn’t a good reason. I remember my dad told me ‘You’re not going to be a wrestler. Over my dead body.’ I’m not going to do that to my kids. My daughter wants to be a diva, oh man. She is 3 and I am already struggling. If some punks around I’m answering the door in my boots and Speedos. I’ll show him highlights of me beating up John Cena.”

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