Arn Anderson Feels Dolph Ziggler Will Quit On His Terms, Says Dolph's Too Opinionated To Be In WWE

Arn Anderson believes Dolph Ziggler will one day walk out of WWE on his own terms.
Dolph Ziggler has been on WWE television for 12 years and flirted on and off with the main event picture for the last decade. However, there has never been a time where Dolph Ziggler is consistently in the main event picture in WWE and over the years, many fans have wondered why.
On his podcast, former WWE producer Arn Anderson gave his personal insight to Dolph Ziggler. “The Enforcer” noted that “The Showoff” can be very opinionated and WWE is a promotion that prefers a blind sense of loyalty to their creative direction. 
“Dolph's got a set and he doesn't mind saying what he thinks. And even though he's right most of the time, that's the wrong thing to do,” Arn began. “Well, the reality is that the company wants blind devotion, Dolph had an opinion for the longest time, ten years ago, it was the fact that Dolph, who throws a hell of a superkick there was the office did not want him using the superkick because that was Shawn's finish. But Shawn was retired. Shawn was gone. You know, you can't retire moves. How many superkicks do you see today for God’s sake? Probably one in every single match. In every company. So, you know, that was a heated issue years ago. Dolph had an opinion and he would voice it. That guy, it was never a question amongst all the producers, he worked his ass off.”
Anderson continued, “once we got to Gorilla, and no matter if he agreed with what was going on or not, he would go out and give you 100 percent. So, I'm a big fan of Dolph Ziggler's and I think he's one of those guys... You may bitch about him when he's on the card and I'm sure a lot of guys, you know, all the higher-ups in the office and certainly, the boss got tired of dealing with Dolph but the fact of the matter is, Dolph is right a lot of the time and he's been one of those performers that has just, over the years, made everybody better than what they were. The question as to why he wasn't one of the top, top guys, I certainly don't have it. It wouldn't bother me at all. The reality is one day and you mark my words, Dolph, is a wealthy man. I know that he's made a lot of money for a long time, even not being in the top, top spot. I got a feeling that Dolph's frugal. I got a feeling he has made some investments and he's smart. One day he'll go, 'Oh, you want to give me some more shit about something else? You know what? See ya!' He'll thump down the steps and take off his boots and walk out the door and you'll never hear from him again and he will accomplish what he wanted to in the business, left on his own terms.”
Arn Anderson also recently spoke out about the slew of WWE releases that occurred in mid-April 2020. Read his comments at this link.

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