Arn Anderson Believes Kevin Owens Should Have Been A Babyface From Day One On The Main Roster

Arn Anderson opens up about what it was like to be an agent of Kevin Owens’ matches during his early days on WWE's main roster and how he would have booked Kevin coming into the promotion.

Even though Arn Anderson is firmly a member of AEW and happily producing their talents today, Arn was a producer in WWE for nearly twenty years. In that time, Anderson had seen a lot of people come and go, some of whom weren't able to grab the brass ring because of their own struggles despite the company seemingly giving them all the tools to succeed.

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Speaking on a Q&A episode of his podcast, Arn Anderson reveals that, in his own opinion, early into his main roster run, Kevin Owens could be considered as somebody who was getting in his own way because of arguments over trivial matters.

Arn Anderson also reveals that he feels Kevin Owens should have been booked as a babyface from the get-go due to the tremendous crowd response you received during his 2015 debut against John Cena.

“As far as someone getting out of their own way, I will say this, because I hope that it's gotten better, I think Kevin Owens when he first got there, you know, I think he should have been used right out of the get-go as a babyface, not a heel. Forget about the fact that he doesn't have a world-class body and all that stuff.

“I just thought -- once I saw that first night that he wrestled John Cena, [the fans] were soundly behind the guy. Maybe he's kind of like me, he's the everyday man. He's just got a lot more skills, a lot more high-tech skills. But there were a lot of times, and I've told Kevin this, he was a pain in the ass. Arguing over trivial things that really didn't matter. ‘Okay, we could do your idea, but how about this idea? They both work kind of, but this is just easier,’ and it would be a long-drawn-out discussion and he and I've had this talk before. I hope he's doing better and apparently the company-- he's been there a long time.he's making a shitpot of money I'm sure and good for him.”

Kevin Owens is firmly one of the top babyfaces now on Friday Night SmackDown and he will be heading to WrestleMania to face Sami Zayn in a match that is years in the making and the completely opposite booking of their first WrestleMania back in 2016 where both were featured in the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match, eventually won by Zack Ryder, where Kevin Owens came in as the top heel and Sami Zayn was the main babyface looking to dethrone him.

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