Arn Anderson Discusses 'Creative Control' Being A Nasty Term To Him, The 'Doomsday Cage' From 1996

Arn Anderson weighs in on the one-of-a-kind main event of WCW Uncensored 1996.

Today, Hulk Hogan in WCW is most closely associated with the New World Order. However, before the heel faction came together, Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania continued to run wild over anyone that dared cross the path of the red and yellow.

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In March of 1996, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage entered a Doomsday Cage against eight opponents and defeated them all.

One of those eight names was Arn Anderson, and during a recent episode of his podcast, he explained why he hated the match and why he was even added, to begin with.

“Number one I got added into this someway, somehow. Kevin [Sullivan] must have looked around and said there's not a lot of guys that are going to do a lot of falling down. Look at the monster roster and then you look at the babyfaces so I guess my job, which I had nothing to do with the storytelling to get to this match so I was just inserted to be a cool guy or somebody to keep getting his ass kicked and take some bumps try to make it exciting. Boy, 8-on-2. ‘Creative control,’ to me, has always been a nasty word. That night it became really relevant how much strength and stroke and power those two words carry because that was god-awful and there were people in it like [The Ultimate Solution] bless his heart, Zeus, [Barbarian and Meng], all these guys, all these killers, and two guys beat them all.

“That's not making babyfaces, that's making me want to puke and that's what the audience did. they just sat there, rocking back in the chairs, probably puked in their own mouths because it probably would have been favorable to puke on the floor but I bet a lot of people wanted to. It just was shitty in its design, lousy in its preparation, the whole concept made no sense and if you think two babyfaces were made at the end of the day, then you're not a wrestling fan, because [there’s] no way it should have ended that way. No way, no how should that match [have] ever occurred.”

In a complete turnaround from that moment, just four months later, Hulk Hogan would be turning on Randy Savage to join Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and form the New World Order. Later that year, Arn Anderson would wrestle in a War Games match and a match against Lex Luger at the 1996 Halloween Havoc. Injuries that occurred over this length of time would ultimately force Arn Anderson into retirement one year later.

Nowadays, Arn Anderson works for AEW as the on-screen manager of Cody Rhodes.

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