Arn Anderson Says Enzo And Cass’ Refusal To Listen To Veterans Led To Their Self-Destruction

Arn Anderson suggests that Big Cass and Enzo Amore may have been their own worst enemies in WWE.

As a former producer in WWE, Arn Anderson was hands-on with many of the men and women making the transition from NXT to the main roster of WWE. In 2016, there was no hotter act making that transition then Big Cass and Enzo Amore. debuting the night after WrestleMania 32, Enzo and Cass would last as a team for a little more than a year before Cass would break away from Enzo and turn heel in 2017.

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During a Q&A session on his podcast, Arn Anderson would say that the early transition for the tag team was a slight success as they did have audience support, but sometimes a small minority can make the most noise.

“When you come up to the main roster, you're on TV now. You can take 200 people in a crowd of 10,000 and if they choose to be heard, they sound very loud. I'm talking [about fans] scattered around the arena. If they're chanting the same thing, 200 people can make a lot of noise, they really can. The fact is they did have that following. They came up to the main roster. They had a match or two, and the people were getting with the promos and getting with all the things,” said Arn.

Cass would go on to feud with Big Show, who tried to defend the honor of Enzo Amore and Arn Anderson would say that Starting with Cass’ Feud with Big Show, both Enzo and Cass begin refusing to listen to advice and that is where things started to go downhill.

“The second they put Cass in the program with Big Show, he quit listening. I know because I was the producer of that match. Here's the giant willing to put this guy over and he was fighting us every step of the way.”

A short time later, Enzo would move on to becoming the top heel of the Cruiserweight division and Arn Anderson says his ability to adapt and willingness to learn also faded away and slowly but surely, both Enzo and Cass began to self-destruct.

“Same thing [with] Enzo. I had him in some 205 matches on house shows, and he was just doing every stupid thing you could do to make a babyface look foolish,” said Arn. “It was some of the Lucha guys that he was working with and they didn't know the difference until I started pointing it out to them.”

He continued, “I think the fact that you don't take the guidance from the producers that are there to help you and know a little bit better than you do [about] what's going to get over -- and when you quit listening and you just decide [that] you're a bigger star than they are an assist to your success and you're going to do it your way, that's where you get started heading downhill.

"They made some mistakes and it didn't take very, very long before they had heat in the locker room and then they started to fall apart in the ring as far as production, and then they started to get heat with the office and that's what happened. They self-destructed.”

Both Enzo and Cass would be fired from WWE in 2018. Arn Anderson was let go by WWE in 2019 and can now be seen on AEW as the manager of Cody Rhodes.

Enzo most recently launched an OnlyFans where he will be offering lessons on how to be a professional wrestler as only Enzo can. Learn more at this link.

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