Nikki Bella has had multiple finishing moves throughout her career, but Arn Anderson has a different opinion as to what finisher she should have used.

Originally, Bella used the Rack Attack, which was essentially an Argentine backbreaker, for years but after she underwent neck surgery, she essentially retired the Rack Attack as a finishing move. Instead, she used both the Fearless Lock, adopted from John Cena’s STF, and the Rack Attack 2.0 which was a fireman’s carry into a cutter.

In Anderson’s eyes, he believed the former WWE Divas Champion should have used a forearm strike as her finisher.

“The Bellas were a good team, heels or babyfaces. It didn’t matter because there was no such thing as a heel. The audience loved all the women. They just loved them. I mean, why not? They look awesome, they can perform, they look the part, they’re stars, they’re all those things. The Bellas were probably underrated if anything because they could work and I used to tell Nikki that forearm that she would snap around and hit someone in the cheek with was a finish. End of story. She would kind of giggle but I’d say, ‘I’m serious.’ Of everything that goes on in a match, you want to point to something that sold you on the fact that it was 100 percent legit was that flipper taking somebody’s head off. That’s the way I felt about,” Anderson said on his podcast.

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