Austin Theory Appreciates Randy Orton's Praise, It Makes Him Want To Work Harder To Prove Randy Right

Austin Theory appreciates Randy Orton's high praise for him but that doesn't mean that he would hesitate to take out "The Legend Killer."

During a recent appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Austin Theory was asked about Randy Orton saying that he's keeping an eye out on him as a potential future megastar for WWE.

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Theory, who would be genuine in his response despite feuding with Orton on TV earlier this year, admitted that praise from a star of that magnitude only makes him want to hold up his end of the bargain more and make sure that he's doing everything he can to prove Randy Orton right.

"Well, I know a thing about killing legends myself," he joked. "It's Randy Orton. I mean, what has Randy Orton not done in WWE? A 14-time WWE Champion, a man with just a crazy resume and somebody that everyone in the locker room well respects. Anytime you get words like that from Randy Orton, you better make sure you're working and you're pushing yourself because he ain't wrong about anything he said. He's speaking the truth, and it is on my end to hold up that end. I appreciate what Randy said and this is just where my mentality is."

Theory did throw out a warning, however, with regard to Randy Orton and Kevin Owens potentially coming after the WWE Tag Team Championship currently held by Theory and Grayson Waller.

"Coming down the road, if Randy's there, I won't have any sympathy, though. Because, these Tag Team Championships — I know he likes running around with Kevin Owens, if they decide to come our way, Just remember Randy what you said. Remember all those things you said. Because you said you weren't where you were at when you were my age. So just remember that."

Randy Orton also previously had a conversation about Austin Theory's old finisher which was akin to an RKO. Read Randy Orton's comments about that from 2020 at this link.

Randy Orton recently disclosed that doctors had told him not to return to wrestling following the back injury that kept him out of action for well over one year.

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