Baron Corbin On Creating The End Of Days, Feels Kevin Owens Using The Stunner Is Wrong

Baron Corbin has one of the only finishing moves in WWE that nobody has kicked out of as of yet. That is not by accident, for the current King of the Ring, that is a huge part of his on-screen aura.

Speaking exclusively with the WWE on Fox digital team, Baron Corbin opens up about accidentally creating his finisher and why he feels certain moves, like the Stone cold Stunner currently used by Kevin Owens, are better off left in the past.

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“I was trying to find a unique finisher. I was very big on I want something unique. I want something people haven't seen. The way I debuted to NXT. I came in, no entrance, no music, just starting in the ring, Baron Corbin I think the match lasted like 12 seconds against C.J. Parker. I just constantly hit him with the End Of Days and it was over. And it was kind of a cool moment because it not only tricked the whole crowd because usually if a guy's already seen in the ring, not going to go well for that guy,” Corbin said. “But we kind of tricked him and then got to a point in NXT where people were counting how long the match was going to last. All right. You know, the crowd's going to get to thirty-five. Let's try to get it done by then. And so End Of Days was a staple of just getting the job done. So it was there first. So I really didn't even have any secondary moves for probably my first. 10 matches because they were all under 30 seconds. I might punch somebody or kick somebody, but then it was End Of Days and it is over”

He continued, “Nowadays, a lot of stuff is overused or redone and maybe it shouldn't be redone. It should be left. You know where it's at. Right now, the Stunner is back in play. And I feel like that's one of those things maybe that should've stayed untouched because I'm a firm believer. When you go out there and you do something, you want people to think of you. When people do somebody else's iconic move, the entire crowd thinks of that icon, not the person doing it now.”

Baron Corbin can be seen every week on Friday Night SmackDown. He recently just ended a feud with Roman Reigns inside of his steel cage at WWE Super ShowDown.

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