Baron Corbin Recalls 40-Minute Conversation With Undertaker About Small Details Of Character Work

Undertaker helped Baron Corbin gain a better grasp of the small details that help paint the bigger picture of a story in wrestling.

Baron Corbin has, in the past, talked about having conversations with The Undertaker where the WWE Hall of Famer helps him understand how to better present himself on television, sharing a portion of the knowledge that has kept The Undertaker as a consistent character on WWE programming for over 30 years. One such conversation took place backstage at a Royal Rumble event, where Baron Corbin says he had a 40-minute conversation with Mark Calaway, the man behind the character, about how to best poise himself, as a big man, after doing a move.

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“That man is an icon. We know that, we’ve had these conversations," said Corbin on a recent episode of WWE After The Bell. "How [he] carries himself as a star. He demands attention. He’s another details guy, he thinks about every little thing he is doing. It’s not the match, it’s not the moves. He’s piecing together like these ten thousand piece puzzles and worrying about every detail. [He’s like] how long do I wanna walk to the ring, how long do I wanna stand on the third step before I get in the ring. Those are things that 99% of people don’t think about, they don’t take the time to appreciate those details. I was talking to him at the [Royal] Rumble for like 40 minutes about how to poise myself after doing something. Those are little things that separate [him] from everybody else. For me, it’s just [picking up on details] from every conversation. [He’s one of the best] big guys ever. I gravitated to him. I watched guys like Bam [Bam Bigelow] and [Big] Boss Man, and 'Taker and Kane and those guys that were big and athletic.”

The Undertaker’s career has finally come to a close as he took his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, April 1, 2022. While Mark Calaway insists that he has had his last match, The Undertaker did conclude his speech at the Hall of Fame, “never say never.”

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