Baron Corbin: Vince McMahon Had The Idea For Me To Hit Becky Lynch With End Of Days At Extreme Rules

Baron Corbin has had many moments this year which have made fans irate. He not only retired Kurt Angle at WrestleMania and won the King of the Ring tournament, but at Extreme Rules 2019, he dropped Becky Lynch with the End Of Days during their Mixed Tag Match which featured Seth Rollins and Lacey Evans as well.

Speaking on the No Holds Barred podcast in Cincinnati, Ohio, King Corbin reveals that it was actually Vince McMahon's idea for him to do that to Becky Lynch.

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"You know, I think that was all Vince. I think that was Vince's master plan. I mean, the guy, in my opinion, is a genius. And what he does and he knows when you can hit a moment and when you can really make something unpredictable. I think it's a special talent that he has," Corbin admits. "And I think nobody saw that coming. And it was a moment when I hit it, it was such a crazy reaction because at first, it was like this quietness that kind of rolled over. It was so weird how it did because they didn't realize what just happened and then once they did, it was like like, you know, your grabbing your friend by the shirt going, 'did you see that?!' And then when they realized that I just put Becky down, then the boos just rained. It was it was crazy. It was like a three-part reaction. It was just unbelievable."

Corbin went on to speak about the protected nature of his finishing maneuver. He would say that he feels like protected finishing moves are a lost art in wrestling and it was actually The Undertaker who showed him the importance of a protected finisher.

"I had a conversation with [Undertaker] about that. You know, he really made the Tombstone something very special and nobody kicked out of it for a long time. And he held it very sacred. So that was something I took to heart and something I wanted to do with it," Corbin said. "Nobody's ever kicked out of the End Of Days, When it lands, it's over, and people know that. Hopefully, ten years down the line, there's a moment where, you know, someone strong enough to withstand an End Of Days and it'll make for that iconic face, you know, that moment where like you saw [Shawn Michaels] kick out of the Tombstone and it was just unbelievable, and the shock and the awe. I think that's an art lost nowadays. I think keeping your things sacred is a little bit lost because people want to keep up with these Internet fans who love this high, fast-paced action and these insane moves and moves on top of moves. So I try to keep it simple, and I think that's what makes it important."

Next week, King Corbin will enter a Triple Threat Match to determine the next number one contender for the WWE Universal Championship. Learn more about that here.

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