Bayley Dropped Out Of School To Focus On Wrestling And Would Like To Finish Someday

Bayley left school to focus on professional wrestling.

The 28 year old Bayley has been a wrestler for nearly ten years and has been with WWE or its developmental system since 2013. When she started her wrestling career she was attending college and she told My Joy Online that she hopes to finish school someday.

“(Training for wrestling) took my mind out of everything school. I didn't finish all my classes and I honestly just focused on training and worked. I still want to finish school,” said Bayley. “I was studying in psychology, I wanted to be a counselor for middle schools or something like that or anything," she continued.

Bayley said a counselor helped her in her childhood as she dealt with her parent's divorce. She also said she was glad she left school because it led to her WWE career.

Lately, Bayley has been in a feud with Sasha Banks since before Royal Rumble. Neither wrestler has qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match but there are still some slots left.

The full interview with Bayley can be seen at or the video above.