Bayley Shocks Fox Reporter When She Reveals WWE Superstars Don't Have Drivers

Kristine Leahy and Fox Sports may have inadvertently put WWE on the spot.

WWE Smackdown debuts on Fox later this year, and several superstars have been making the Fox media rounds accordingly. One of those was Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley, who appeared on "Fair Game" with Kristine Leahy. During the course of the conversation, Leahy was shocked that WWE Superstars didn't have drivers, and awkwardly brought up negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which WWE also doesn't have.

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Bayley: "It's not pretty...It's hard. The hardest part is literally the drives afterwards, four hour drives, five hour drives. Sometimes it's in the sketchiest towns when there's literally nothing and you're afraid you're going to run out of gas, which does happen. It's gotten very close where I have to take the foot off the pedal"

Leahy: "You're driving yourself? You don't have a driver? You get a rental car?"

Bayley: "Oh yeah. We drive ourselves. We get our own rental cars and we drive ourselves. How do you expect us to get around to these towns and entertain these people?"

Leahy: "You're superstars. I feel like after the show there's like, 'Here's your driver, get in. You've had a hard day of work, we'll drive you with a full tank of gas.'"

Bayley: "We do it five days a week, so they can't do that thirty superstars five days a week."

Leahy: "I don't know, I think they make a lot of money off of you."

Bayley: "I think so, too. They take care of us in most things."

Leahy: "Do we need to negotiate the new CBA?"

Bayley: "Things like this, we work around it. It's fun, though, because you get to connect with whoever you travel with and its memories that you won't have with anybody else. It becomes like a real family brotherhood or sisterhood."

Beyond that, Leahy seemed to not be clued in that not only did WWE Superstars not have a CBA, but didn't have an association or player's union, as she offered to her help to negotiate said CBA on Twitter.

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