Bayley On Talking To Vince: "He's Intimidating As Hell, But I Feel Comfortable Enough"

During her recent appearance on the Steve Austin show, Bayley talked about becoming comfortable talking to Vince McMahon.

Coming from NXT, she had a great relationship with Triple H, but she quickly learned that if she had an issue on the main roster, Trips wasn't at the top of the totem pole.

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“Obviously, for NXT, that was (Triple H's) baby, so he ran it all, but I’ve had conversations with him while being here [on the main roster] and it’s not so much in his hands up (on the main roster). If I were to ask (Triple H) something, he was like, ‘You’re better off talking to Vince’ and he said, ‘You need to have that relationship with him anyway,’ (because) it’s good to have a relationship with him and I was like, ‘Okay!'”

Coming up as a huge lifelong fan of WWE, it's understandable that Bayley might be intimidated when going to Vince with a question, concern or idea, but she's gotten over that now.

“I feel comfortable talking to Vince, which seems so crazy for me to say. For me, I’ve been a fan, I’ve been watching him forever, and I’m like, ‘yeah, I’m comfortable to talk to Vince McMahon.’ Yeah, but if it was something I felt really strongly about, like I had the perfect idea, and I have the direction I want. I want (to have) ideas. I’m not going to go in there and be like, ‘hey, I feel weird – maybe I should change a little bit.’ I want to have exactly the idea of what I want to present to him and I’d probably just go to Vince because that’s the only way to go, if it’s something like that. I’ve talked to him a few times to where I’m like, ‘Now, I feel fine.’ Like he’s still intimidating as hell when he walks by and you want to make sure you’re on your best behavior, but I feel comfortable enough.”

Even though she had a run with the WWE title and walked into and out of Wrestlemania 33 with the belt strapped around her waist, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for Bayley on the main roster. Sometimes it feels like she's had to start over after such a successful build to her character in NXT, and since losing the title to Alexa Bliss back in April, it has seemed at times that she's lost her way. But she says that a talk with Vince has alleviated a lot of her concerns and she's happy to be back in 'the chase.'

“That was one of those things that I talked to Vince about and I was happy I did. I felt like that was a step back and I’m starting over again. I was the champion. And then, I had my rematch and I was right there until the main spot in the women’s division on RAW. And since I lost to Alexa, I’m kind of starting back over again where I’m in line with everybody else, which I’m fine with. I really like the chase and working for it. And honestly, I just want to wrestle! Like, I don’t need to be in these crazy gimmick matches or always be working for the championship. Of course I want to be champion because that means you’re the best, but I just love wrestling and if I can have good matches week in and week out, that would make me happy.”

You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.  

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