Becky Lynch On Her Twitter Obsession: "It's A Live Microphone 24/7"

Becky Lynch is obsessed with Twitter.

It's no secret that Becky Lynch's social media game is on point. Her quick quips, biting memes, and hilarious photoshops are a big reason why she's risen to stardom as The Man. In an interview with CBS Sports New York, Lynch revealed why she obsesses over social media.

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"I obsess about this. We have maybe five or 10 minutes if we’re lucky when we’re on TV every week. But when we have social media, we have a live microphone 24/7. So it’s a chance to get my message across unfiltered, uncensored and get people to really care and [to] entertain," said Lynch. "Of course, I’m not tech-savvy, so I have someone else Photoshop things for me. It’s just a matter of obsessing about that and making sure that people care more about this than they do about anything else. And my way of doing that is making sure my voice is out there all the time. All the time in people’s faces, whether it’s polarizing, offensive, or funny, or whatever. At least people are talking, and at least people want this to be the main event."

When asked if she thought she had ever gone too far, Lynch stated that she is unsure what would constitute as being "too far."

"You can post a picture of a cat at the moment, and somebody thinks that’s too freakin’ far. You know what I mean? People will look for a reason to be offended about anything," she stated. "I’m looking for people to be entertained. I’m looking for people to have opinions about things. And that’s what it’s gotten. So, I’m looking for people to want us in the main event. Whether they love me, hate me, whatever it is. They want to see this match."

Lynch reportedly upset Ronda Rousey with a recent photoshop that implied Travis Browne, Rousey's husband, was the head of Lynch's imaginary penis. Following the photoshop being posted, Rousey went "full Russo" and threatened to "kick the shit out of Rebecca Quin."

The social media skills of Lynch has paid off as she's set to headline WrestleMania 35 against Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey on Apr. 7.

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