Becky Lynch Says Her Spine Is Sore Following Last Woman Standing Match On 3/18 WWE Raw

Becky Lynch talks about her health following her Last Woman Standing Match with Nia Jax on the March 18 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Becky Lynch finally got her long-awaited victory over Nia Jax more than 5 years after Jax broke her nose and set her on a path to become "The Man."

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That victory occurred on March 18 when Becky defeated Nia in a brutal Last Woman Standing Match on Monday Night Raw.

During an appearance on The Black Announce Table podcast, Lynch detailed the wear and tear she was feeling on her body following the match, specifically noting that her spine was hurting after a Samoan Drop.

"Oh, my spine is so sore. My tailbone is fine," she began. "Actually, I've been trying to bulk. Nobody's noticed. Nobody's made any comments, but I have been bulking lately. I keep telling people so that, hopefully, people will start being like, 'Oh, hey, man, you look like you're bulking up." Nobody's said anything. Anyway, I think that protected my tailbone on that leg drop through the announce table, but my spine.

"I think when she Samoan Dropped me on that chair, one of the legs of the chair just went right into my spine in that real tender point, but apart from that, I'm great... My neck is a little tricky. My shoulder is a little... anyway, I'm fine for the most part."

Becky also spoke about her affinity for weapons matches and the creativity they bring.

"I like anything where there's some weaponry, you know what I mean? I like to use a weapon. I like to see how far I can push it. I like it, too, because you can get creative with weapons. You can do things, you can put a chair here and there. Again, there's just a million things you can do. So whenever I see stipulation, I'm usually excited for it whether it be a Last Woman Standing, Extreme Rules, whatever," she said. "But, man, I'm hyped for anything. I'm hyped for any sort of match. Anytime I can get in the ring and just beat the bejesus out of some poor young one, I'm happy about it."

Becky Lynch will get the opportunity to beat Rhea Ripley for the Women's World Championship at WWE WrestleMania XL. She recently stated she would like to open the show and compete in the very first match on WrestleMania Saturday.

Fans can check out the full card for WrestleMania here.

Fans can pick up Becky Lynch's book at this link. There's also an audiobook available on Audible.

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