Becky Lynch has thrown down the gauntlet on Twitter.

In responding to Jim Ross once again calling her the most over superstar in WWE, Becky Lynch managed to compliment the 2007 Hall Of Fame Commentator and Put herself over as somebody who can take out the entire All Elite Wrestling women’s division with relative ease.

It all started when Seth Rollins, in an attempt to promote a meet and greet, referred to Becky Lynch as "his super over fianceé," A reference to Jim Ross saying on his most recent podcast that maybe someday "Seth would be as over as his girlfriend."

Naturally, somebody tagged Jim Ross in a reply to Seth's tweet, which prompted Ross to reiterate his feelings on Becky Lynch.

Lynch would be very complimentary of JR, and then say that he should tell the AEW women's locker room that she can whip them any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

AEW wrestler Nyla Rose was quick to reply to the Raw Women's Champion, letting her know that she would be up for the challenge of it were to ever happen.

For now, The only kind of competition we will see between the two companies is a battle for viewers during the showings of AEW Dynamite and NXT on Wednesday nights. You can see updated viewership numbers here.

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