Becky Lynch: SmackDown Is 'Just A Little More Free And A Little Less Uptight' Than Raw

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch was interviewed by Between 2 Bells and spoke about how she's been experiencing WWE's recent brand split.

Raw and SmackDown, though part of the same company, are in kayfabe competition with each other as opposing "brands".  But is there really competition behind the scenes between Raw and SmackDown superstars? According to Lynch, there is, but it's a friendly kind of competition.

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"Oh absolutely and there always is (competition). You know there always is and there always has been and I think that's what's been the driving force especially the 4 Horsewomen, but this whole movement. Everybody wants to be… better. Everybody wants to have the best match and that's the same thing w/ Raw and Smackdown... We're all the same company, but it's that little imaginary competition of 'Yeah, well we're going to be the better show.' We will be the better show and we are the better show. That's always been a big thing and in such a good way because you seem them and say 'Oh man. That was such a good match.' I'm so happy for them. I want to have a better match."

Becky also spoke about why she prefers SmackDown's atmosphere preferrable to Raw's. "Teamwork makes the dream work," she says.

"You know what I find with Smackdown and this is why I love it. It's the best atmosphere to be in. It's like you're always gonna' be stressed during a PPV because you want to be the best and you want to put on a great show, but it's a different kind of energy. It's a very supportive locker room and I just find that with that there is more of a freedom to go out there and try things and just be open. I think that helps when you're in any sort of creative industry. To be able to feel free and a little bit less uptight and less stressed. That's how I feel on Smackdown specific, and I can only speak for myself, PPVs, shows, and everything. It's just a little more free and a little less uptight. It's just such a great creative atmosphere. Everybody's rooting for each other and everybody wants everybody to do well and everybody's looking out for each other. It's just always good crack, always good banter and I think that's why Smackdown's doing so well. It's such a great atmosphere. Backstage people are having fun. Everybody's happy to be there and I think that translates. Everybody wants everybody to do well and I think that's what works and I think that in wrestling and in every other walk of life is what makes things successful. Not to be super cheesy, but teamwork makes the dream work."

You can listen to the entire interview at this link.

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