Beth Phoenix Talks Whether Or Not She Has The Itch To Wrestle Again

With legends and past WWE stars returning to the company to wrestle, Beth Phoenix isn't so ready to jump back in.

Phoenix has wrestled a handful of times since her surprise appearance at the 2018 Royal Rumble, but when it comes to having "the itch" to wrestle once again, Phoenix told Corey Graves on "After The Bell" that she has been dreading getting that itch to return. However, Phoenix did say she was glad to have made her return at the Royal Rumble that year.

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"I dreaded the itch because, No. 1, when you've had two babies, your body is very different. There's a lot of fear, and I spoke with my husband who came back after nine years and after the Hall of Fame and all that, I got the call to be in that first women's Royal Rumble. That's the first time I put on tights since having two children. It was terrifying, but at the same time, I have this mentality of 'No what ifs.' When I've come to a crossroads, I'm like, 'Oh what do I do? What if I embarrass myself and everyone's like get out of here Beth' or maybe it won't and it will be one really fun night and it'll something special I can put in my heart and lock away forever. That Royal Rumble experience was so special because the crowd was so invested and I missed the crowds," Phoenix said.

When it comes to wrestling today, the WWE Hall of Famer said she's happy to be in her current role as a broadcaster on NXT and that is enough for her as it allows her to remain close to the business. In addition, she has been busy in recent months helping out her husband Edge for his return to WWE.

"I think after that and seeing what the women of today can do, I don't' think in my best days during my youth I could ever compete gymnastically with the women we have now. They can do things that defy gravity and physics. I am so happy to be in this role because I get to stay close to the product and I get the nice comments from Ember Moon or Rhea that I'm a dream opponent and that's enough and it makes me feel special. As far as the itch, there's something far bigger in front of me and that's preparing my husband for the Royal Rumble... I've only been clued in five days before so it was a chaotic day to say the least, but I'll always remember it. It was such a wild and crazy day," Phoenix said.

You can check out the full podcast at this link.

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