Big E Expects Tweaks In His Presentation And Maybe His Music As A Solo Superstar

Big E is now on his own and he knows that changes could be coming.

With Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods now on Raw and Big E remaining on SmackDown, many are waiting for him to drop the New Day comedy act and become a more serious wrestler.

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Speaking to The Gorilla Position, Big E said he knows that tweaks will be made, but that it can't happen all at once.

"Some changes will have to be made, naturally. One of the things we've always talked about is, it's really bizarre to do the New Day schtick alone. Like on live events where Kofi is maybe off or if it's just the two of us, it's weird. We feed off each other. If you have two of your friends and you're close, you have a certain relationship. Just imagine dicking around by yourself, it's weird. A lot of this stuff doesn't really work on my own. There will be some tweaks, I'm sure, in the presentation, MAYBE, in the music, we'll see. I'm not entirely sure. For me to suddenly have a shift in demeanor and now I'm serious it doesn't make a lot of sense, but if I'm provoked and there are times where it calls for that, then I'll be serious. I don't want to lose what makes me special," he said.

Big E noted that New Day has always gotten serious when they've needed to, pointing to the Hell in a Cell against The Usos as an example. He also said that New Day doesn't wrestle like a comedy act like Santino or Toru Yano.

Elsewhere during the interview, Big E credited Daniel Bryan for pushing for his solo run. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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