Big E Passionately Speaks About His 11-Year Odyssey In WWE And His Need To Trust His Intuition

Big E is carving his own path to success in WWE and along the way, he is sharing his story with promos that are already critically-acclaimed. 

From the moment that Big E announced he was going to start on a singles journey in WWE, there were immediate calls for the New Day member to drop the silly antics of the New Day trio and become a serious big man wrestler.

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On the second episode of Talking Smack, Big E once again defended his position and his refusal to change while speaking with The Miz by defending, yet again, the DIY mentality that led the New Day to success in WWE.

“What we've been able to do, we've been able to forge a path of our own to me that is unique and so many people, so many people buried us to our faces,” said E. “So many people buried us behind our backs in 2014 and said that this will not work, that you will fail, that you will be gone, that this will not work and we were told that time and time again, but we did it on our own. I'm so proud of that. I'm so immensely proud of the fact that we stepped out on our own, that we did what felt right to us, that we trusted our gut, that we trusted our intuition and we said, 'Kofi, Woods, E, we're going to do us because we believe in us as a trio. We believe in this group and we don't need to listen to outside voices. We don't need to listen to people who are steering us either way.' That we can trust our gut. We can trust in ourselves because Kofi and Woods, I love you and I believe in you. We had each other's backs and we made something beautiful when we never should have made it.”

He continued, “2014, the way we were received, we never should have gotten off the ground. I shouldn't even be here. I shouldn't have a job. But we trusted in each other and we said above all else, 'Kofi and Woods, when we hear all the outside noise, forget all that. I'm going to talk to you and we're going to trust in ourselves. We'll get together and we'll decide what feels right and what feels wrong.' We did something beautiful because we trusted our intuition.”

Big E would then shift focus to The Miz and actually compliment what the former WWE Champion has accomplished in his career but he would hammer home that this is his path to follow and he has to do what he feels is right to justify the amount of time he has spent in WWE.

“I understand that this is the path. I understand it's your path and I'm not taking anything away from your direction and what you did and what the usual path is. I understand that. I think you are an immense talent. I think what you've done this past decade-plus is incredible,” E admitted. “But I'm telling you that I want to do something that feels true to me. I want to trust my instincts and my intuition. 

“I've been in this company for 11 years and if I don't understand right now what feels right, if I don't understand what feels appropriate for me, I don't deserve to be here. If I can't trust my intuition and my gut, I don't deserve to be here. So I'm telling you, I'm not saying I'm going to continue to clown around week in and week out, I'm not telling you that. But I'm telling you, trust me, that I have a barometer in myself. Trust me, that I know when to steer the ship left or right. I know when to get serious. I know when the time is right. I want to continue to trust in myself, to trust in my instincts, in my intuition.  I don't have to come out here and just be stoic for the sake of being stoic. But when I feel something like I feel something now, I'm serious because I feel this. I feel this with every part of me.”

The next step in Big E’s journey is a singles match with Sheamus at WWE Payback. This will be his first singles match on pay-per-view since wrestling Rusev at the 2014 Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

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