Big Show: It's Not About Wins And Losses, It's About Quality Of Work And Moments

Big Show is back on WWE television, wrestling his fourth decade in the sport. During his legendary career, Big Show has won more than he's lost, sporting a 579-384-73 record on television and pay-per-view according to cagematch.

But for Big Show, wins and losses don't necessarily matter as much as the performance aspect of what he does.

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“I’m not here to get wins,” Big Show told Sports Illustrated. “Heck, I don’t know, I think I’ve won two matches in the past five years. It’s not about the win-loss record, it’s about the quality of work. No one has ever come up to me and said, ‘I can’t believe you lost that many times!’ People talk to me about what I’ve done, or cool moments like breaking the ring with Brock or Braun. They care about the moments, not about the win-loss record. And if I do it right, I’ll get myself over.”

Big Show has had several memorable moments since he first appeared in WCW in 1995. From his monster truck battle with Hulk Hogan to breaking the ring with Braun Strowman, Show has shown off his diverse skillset in the ring and as a performer.

“And for me, for lack of a better term, I was banned for doing a lot of what I wanted to do. That’s because a lot of what I wanted to do didn’t make sense. I was supposed to be playing the role of a giant. I got cussed out for doing dropkicks off the top, I got cussed out for doing nip-ups in the ring. They didn’t want that from me, and that’s because the giant before was Andre, who had set a precedent [in his post-WrestleMania I run with WWE]. I wanted to bump and feed and be exciting. But one of the biggest advocates for me to be more creative in the ring is Vince.”

He continued, “I’ve had chain wrestling matches with Braun and another match like that with Kane, and I could have one hell of a chain wrestling match with Seth Rollins but it just wouldn’t make any damn sense. The matches aren’t always about getting yourself over. That’s the biggest thing I tell young talent. They get in the mindset that, ‘I’ll do my stuff, you do your stuff, I’ll do my stuff.’ That’s not what a match is about. The first rule of thumb to have a long career is get the match over, get your opponent over, and if you do those two right, then getting yourself over will happen, too. Sometimes I can’t go out and get all my stuff in. We’re trying to build my opponent. I don’t need to be built, I don’t need title runs. I’m established, and I’m comfortable with my career and who I am. My goal is to enhance the people I’m in the ring with and help bring them to superstar level. That’s the part that is the joy now.”

Big Show helped put over Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy the last time he was on television, losing a six-man fist fight on WWE Raw. He was not on this past Monday's episode of Raw and is not currently scheduled for WWE Royal Rumble.

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