Big Show: "Just Because You’re Getting Pushes And You’re Getting Wins Doesn’t Mean You’re Over"

Big Show with some advice for the talent of today's wrestling world.

Former 4-time WWE World Champion The Big Show has spent nearly 24 years in the sport of professional wrestling. Big Show has held numerous championships and been at the bottom of the card, the middle and the top of the card as well. Big Show shared some advice for the talent of today deriving from his personal experiences in the business.

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Big Show used the current SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch as an example. He stated that Becky paid her dues and went from those not-so prominent positions to being one of the top stars in the company because fans are emotionally invested in Becky and they were with her for her journey. He added that just because someone is on TV every week and picking up victories does not mean they are over with the fans and he dove more into that when he joined Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray.

“They are emotionally invested and that’s part of it because night in and night out Becky went out there and she hustled and she hustled and she dug and she dug and you could see it, and a lot of opportunities didn’t go her way and you felt that, and that’s one of the things - you can’t really become a star over night that people care about - they’ve got to go on the journey with you, and that’s part of getting over as a talent that people need to understand; just because you’re getting pushes and you’re getting wins doesn’t mean you’re over." Big Show said. "Over is when people care about you. Bro I didn’t start getting over in this business until I started putting people over. I agree one-hundred and ten percent. There’s nothing wrong with that and you got to go to the outhouse so you know what the penthouse is like - I mean to appreciate the penthouse. Because you’re gonna go to the penthouse to the outhouse several different times in your career." He explained. "Nothing stays on a skyward rocket. So you’ve got to be able to learn to adjust accordingly. Where you are on the card, where you are on the show, how do you contribute, how do you make things better and you’re always gonna be self-evolving. You never sit back on your ass and go, ‘Oh yeah I made it. I’m the man’ because name one guy with us; Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, John Cena. Anybody that’s ever been the man, they’ve never stopped evolving, they’ve never stopped hustling, they’ve ever stopped knowing what’s going on around them in their environment and that’s why being that champion... if you’re a good champion, you’re working 24/7, seven days a week.”


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