Bill DeMott: Seth Rollins Isn't Dangerous

Bill DeMott doesn't think Seth Rollins is dangerous in the ring, as some have claimed.

The former NXT trainer talked to Planeta Wrestling about Rollins, a former WWE and NXT Champion. While he respects the opinion of Bret Hart and others, he disagrees in the judgment that Rollins is a danger to others in pro wrestling.

“I would not even try to compare my knowledge to Bret Hart nor would I question his thinking, that being said I do not think it is anything more than coincidence that all this happened around Seth. Rollins is one of the best there is and I would put my career in his hands any day,' DeMott said.

DeMott says that things can happen during a match, and it's not necessarily about who is competing at that time that causes an injury.

"Things happen people get hurt and someone has to get 'blamed,' unfortunately it doesn’t always end in favor of both participants but I would bet anything ALL of this men would get back in the ring with Seth and he is a professional as they get. He is the future of the business,” DeMott said.

While DeMott is not currently with the WWE, he does want to go back to the juggernaut wrestling promotion.

"I would without a doubt go back to WWE, I’m not one to pull punches and talk crap about it. I would love to be part of the WWE in some way shape or form. I still have a lot to give and I’m loyal to who is loyal to me,” DeMott said.

DeMott is currently trying to petition politicians to change DUI laws in Florida. He daughter, Keri Anne DeMott, was killed by a drunk driver last year.

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