Bill Eadie Reveals Thought Process In Demolition Face Paint Style

Demolition Ax (Bill Eadie) recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A. You can check out highlights below, and the full post at this link. 

How they did their paint:

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Yes we did our own make up. I would change the make up frequently. Barry wold have the same pattern and he was comfortable with that. He might change the colour. I would change the pattern based on how I felt that day. One big factors was the time we reached the building as it took about a half hour. I had a new appreciation for women doing make up. We both liked to to do ourselves, you are in the locker room with time to spend. I wasn't a card player a lot of the guys would play cards. taking our time and putting it into our face paint made time pass more quickly.

His multiple wrestling personas:

Thank you, everybody. No many people recognize Bolo Mongol, the guy who trained me was Geto Mongol, his original partner got hurt, so he asked me, so I took a leave ob absence, so shaved my head and grew a small Fu Manchu and he lectured me the entire way to Japan they would give me a hard time and take it out on you, I got off the plane. I enjoyed that character, I was in the main events, although I didn’t have that stouts my partner had that status, I came back and I was in the mongols, George Scott was the booker at the time and Geto told him he would be leave. He approached me with the masked superstar, I was beating people up I was fortunate that he trained me, I haven’t used them for maybe 2 or 3 years, Boris Malenkos, George put him in as my manager not so much as my speaker but a refresher , adding some moves, slight of hands , I really enjoyed that character, I could take the mask off and be Bill Eadie again. then I got the chance to be Demolition, barry and I got a long really well, no one worried about who was getting over the most, just as long it was a good match, found memories of all of them. Masked Superstar for the privacy and Demolition for the notoriety.

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