Bill Maher Takes Aim At John Cena For Apologizing To China While Promoting 'F9' In 2021

Bill Maher's latest set of New Rules takes aim at John Cena.

While doing press for F9 last year, John Cena referred to Taiwan as the first country that was able to see the movie. This upset China as they believe that Taiwan is a part of their nation, even though they are self-governed.

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This led to John Cena putting an apology out on social media, speaking in Mandarin, and trending on Twitter following the apology.

During a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian took aim at John Cena during his weekly New Rules segment, taking exception to the fact that John Cena issued an apology in Mandarin.

"That's the deal China offers American companies and celebrities. We will give you access to our billion-plus consumers as long as you shut up about the whole police-state/ genocide thing,” said Bill Maher. “John Cena took that deal... China accounts for 34% of the global box office and he's a movie star now. Like the Uyghurs, last year, he learned that he needed to get some re-education.”

Maher continued, “You see, [John Cena] referred to Taiwan as if it was a separate country from China, which it is, but China would like to do to Taiwan what it did to Tibet, and what is now doing to Hong Kong, so we were treated to this video.”

Bill Maher then played the video of John Cena apologizing in Mandarin. that circulated on social media and May of last year, and then mocked John Cena for apologizing to the country in its native language.

“Wow, and I thought steroids shrink your balls,” he quipped. “Wow, when a country can make your big, muscly, Macho Man action Stars gravel in their language, you know you're somebody's bitch,” the “Real Time” host said to conclude his remarks on John Cena.

Bill Maher is far from the first talk show host to poke fun at John Cena for the apology. Stephen Colbert also remarked John Cena's apology back when the apology first occurred.

John Cena, who was in China to film a movie with Jackie Chan, recently revealed that during the training that film he went through a bout of depression. Learn more here.

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