Billy Corgan: My Philosophies Lean More Towards Matt Cardona's Vision For The NWA

Billy Corgan talks about Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona is the current NWA World Champion. However, he's currently clashing with the current style of the National Wrestling Alliance. In the past, Cardona has said that he is saving the National Wrestling Alliance. Now, Billy Corgan is talking about his relationship with Matt Cardona on My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox.

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"Well, he kind of barged his way in, and at some point, I said to him,' Look, you're gonna be here, you know, like, you can run your mouth all you want but we're here to wrestle,' as Tim Storm likes to say former champion, 'We settle things in the ring. So, the thing about Cardona that's confusing is he's got a lot of heat with a lot of people in the company, they don't like the way he's talked about the company, and they don't like the way he's positioned himself," said Billy.

Continuing on, Corgan explained that his philosophies are actually in-line with those of Cardona.

"As an entrepreneur, myself, particularly in the music field, I appreciate that at some point, you just got to make some noise, and Matt Cardona, certainly was overlooked as a talent when he's been other places. He, whether you want to call him a shameless self-promoter, or somebody who's figured out how to game the system and take advantage of social media and stuff like that as a way to promote his brand. I respect that as a promoter," he said. "So what he brings to the NWA is valuable. He's a great professional wrestler, and he's obviously now a champion. But he also brings a sense of modern style, which I'm all about. So even though I'm positioned as the guy who sort of represents the throwback part of the NWA, I'm actually much more progressive than I appear to be in public. So in many ways, I lean more towards Matt Cardona's vision of where the NWA needs to go, then when what people would assume about me, given my age and the history that I grew up in terms of professional wrestling, so we kind of aligned more than people might think. But that said, I expect champions do business the right way."

The next event for the National Wrestling Alliance is the Crockett Cup taking place across the weekend of March 19. Learn more here.

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