Billy Corgan Thinks Wrestling Would Be More Fun If WWE Participated In Interpromotional Supercards

Billy Corgan wishes WWE would get in on the fun behind "The Forbidden Door."

Right now, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and Ring of Honor are all sharing talent with different promotions. In the case of the NWA, they regularly have their championships featured on AEW and are currently booking an all-women card with talent from all promotions.

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Of course, WWE is the one omission to these exciting supercard endeavors, something that Billy Corgan says he understands but wishes they would participate even if it was just once a year for charity.

Speaking on The Battleground Podcast, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman opened up about why he wishes WWE would drop their stagnant, albeit traditional, mindset.

"I'm saying this in a fun way, I think it's a shame that WWE doesn't allow it because I think it would be to the benefit, and to the credit of the WWE. For sure, I get why the WWE doesn't necessarily want to play with competitors. But I think that's really, in my opinion, that's really old world, old century thinking, you know? I think the 21st century is really about people coming together, showing that under certain circumstances, you can work together, and it's to the benefit of the fans who, really at the end of the day, that's who we're relying on the fans to stay tuned in. As choices in the marketplace become more complicated, whether it's video games, or now movies are being released online. As professional wrestling has to fight its way through, you know, a complex media landscape. I think things like supercards and special appearances and stuff like that are what can make the fan stay engaged. So I don't see it as a negative.

"But again, I'm not running a billion-dollar company, and I respect their choices, but I still think wrestling would be a lot more fun, and you'd see a lot more fans at the table if there were circumstances by which everybody could work together, even if it was, let's say, once a year wrestling came together. Just one day a year, all the major wrestling companies came together just to raise money for charity. How amazing would that be? Nobody would lose. It's not like a wrestling fan who's a fan of one company doesn't know about the other companies, right? We don't live in that world anymore. Why can't we have one day here of unity or something where the top talent from all the companies come together and really, really show the world that, yes, for this one day, we can put aside our differences and our differing agendas, and really help, you know, inspire, build it? That's the world that I want to help create. That's why when I look at somebody like Tony Khan, you know, he's been a great partner in that for me, right now with IMPACT being a great partner in this event, and we've also been working with AAA and Konnan, behind the scenes. So, you know, at least in that circumstance, we have all three of those companies represented during the pay-per-view weekend.”

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