Billy Gunn Is Not Interested In AEW Taking Shots At WWE: If Our Paths Cross, Let It Happen Naturally

Billy Gunn isn't interested in seeing WWE and All Elite Wrestling trade jabs with one another in the same way that WWE did with WCW back in the 90s.

Back in the 1990s, Billy Gunn, as a member of D-Generation X, rode on a Jeep dressed up as a tank and sat outside an arena hosting WCW Nitro. This was par for the course in the 90s, as many companies engaged in direct competitive marketing as a way of keeping fans’ interest and constantly presenting an aura of an “us versus them” competition.

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In 2021, things are much different. Companies are more interested in Synergy than being in the last promotion standing. As such, Billy Gunn is not interested in seeing WWE and AEW consistently trade shots with one another despite the fact that in the infancy of the promotion, small barbs were thrown back and forth such as when Triple H said during the D-Generation X WWE Hall of Fame induction that Vince McMahon would buy “that piss-ant company” just to fire Billy Gunn. The company he was referencing was the newly-formed AEW.

Speaking with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda, Billy Gunn further explained why he would much rather see both promotions interact in a natural way if they ever cross paths at all.

"Do we really want to take them down? Is it better that we just have competition? I think that's what made the Attitude Era and the thing with WCW and WWE good is that there was competition. If you don't have any competition, then I feel, and these are my opinions, I feel that we thrive on competition," said Billy Gunn.

He continued, "The minute we try to start poking the bear or try to say we're better than them, I feel that we're not concentrating on the best that AEW can do. Like WWE is always going to be WWE. AEW's going to be AEW. So let's just be us. If our paths cross and it becomes something like that, let it happen naturally."

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