Billy Gunn Says AEW Will Be A Full-Time Job When Weekly TV Starts

All Elite Wrestling's Billy Gunn recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet for a new interview. You can see highlights below and the full interview above.

Is the plan for AEW to compete with WWE?

"No. I say no. So I look at it this way, Vince has been doing this a very long time. Somebody already went after him once and we see where they're at, hence WCW. Am I saying we're as good as them? Sure I am. Do I say that we compete against them? No. Why can't we have our own product and they have their product? You know what I mean? So do they intercollide at some point? I have no earthly idea. It's way too early to tell. But can we be an alternative to WWE programming? Yes we can. Can we have as much of a fan base as WWE? Yes we can. Can we have just as good of a product as WWE? Yes we can. Do I say we compete and that we're all sitting around going 'I can't wait to go live against them'? We don't sit around and do that because I feel like you're setting your sights on something away from what you should be focusing on. Let's focus on our company."

Will his AEW position a full time job?
"Yes, it will. As soon as we get kicking it will"

So does this mean weekly television?

"Yes. that's what that means."

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