Bob Holly Recalls Confronting Rene Dupree At Recent Convention

Bob Holly often has an unenviable reputation as a "bully" in wrestling.

In 2005, Holly garnered polarizing reactions due to a physical altercation with a young Rene Dupree. Dupree had gained speeding tickets in Holly's rental car, and not disclosed it to Holly -- leaving him to deal with the ramifications. Over the years that followed, Dupree -- still only 33 years old even today -- said that he would beat up Holly if they crossed paths. 

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During a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip Podcast, Holly said that he confronted Dupree about the claims at a convention.

"Rene was saying how the next time he saw me that he was going to beat me up. So, I was like Rene is here and there's Sylvan (and I love Sylvan) so I wanted to say hi to Sylvan anyway. So when I went over there to say hi to Sylvan and Rene was standing over there with him and I can't quite remember what Sylvan said so Rene stuck his hand out and shook my hand and thought well that is cool and I did ask Rene what is going here because I thought we were cool and that we had squashed it and talked about it and got it squared away and now all of a sudden you still have a problem with me. He just said very arrogantly: "Well I opened up this WWE magazine and I see where you are talking about and bragging about kicking me in the head." I don't know where he got it and why he is so stuck on this kicking him in the head thing but I said; "RENE, you know those magazines and I didn't brag about, so you show me the magazine where I bragged about kicking you in the head because that didn't happen."


"I said (to him) you did say the next time you saw me that you were going to beat me up and now I said I am standing right here so what are you going to do? He didn't even look at me and he just kind of had this smug look on his face and just filled his chest full of air and tried to bow up. Rene is a big boy and he is not small by any means and I am definitely not as big as I used to be because I am not on the gas anymore and I don't need that stuff. I said there is nothing between you and I but air and opportunity and I said I am right here so you can beat me up or at least try and he just turned and walked out of the room. That was pretty much the end of that and that is the whole thing. I don't know why he is so bitter and upset at everybody because I always thought he was a great talent and I always thought he was a really good heel and I enjoyed watching him and enjoyed working with him and like I said before I thought him and I had talked this whole thing out and got it in the past and he's still harboring hard feelings."

Dupree asked for his WWE release in 2007, while Holly would be released in 2009

You can check out Holly's full interview with the Two Man Power Trip at this link. Thanks to them for the transcript from the podcast as well.

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