Bobby Lashley: I Should Be Beating Up Ricochet Every Day Until You're Begging Him To Get Me Back

At 43 years old, Bobby Lashley is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Lashley has been involved in wrestling or MMA since 2005 when he was signed by WWE.

Though Lashley has won the ECW World Title, Intercontinental Title, and United States Title; the WWE Title still eludes him.

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Speaking to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT, Lashley discussed the goals he has in mind for the remainder of his career.

“I definitely want to win a world title. I definitely want to. The years that I’ve put in the business and the matches I’ve had with so many different people, I definitely want to," he said.

While Lashley wouldn't mind the WWE Title, giving back is part of his bigger plan.

“But another thing I want to do, and I hope this is not shooting myself in the foot or kicking myself in the butt, but when I first got in the wrestling business and I was first starting out, there were guys like myself who were a bit older in the business. And one thing they did, they wanted to make the younger guys. But at the same time, in making the younger guys they had to have something credible for the younger guys to go after. And I think that I’m one of those guys. The younger guys should be hungry to come and beat me. Because I’m not someone you should just be able to beat. When I came in I had the Big Shows, the JBLs, the William Regals, the Fit Finlays, the Booker Ts, Batista – I had all these different guys to overcome, and these are huge mountains to overcome. And coming back in the wrestling business, I think a lot of the young guys need that guy, because I always say, you can’t have that great good guy without a good bad guy."

He continued, “I’m that good bad guy. I’m the guy that can walk up to you and snatch something out of your hand and then you got to make a decision, ‘ahhh, I don’t need that anymore. You just go and have that’ [laughs]. We can share it if you want to! I’m that guy. I’m that guy that should be beating the c*** out of Ricochet every single day until you guys are begging for Ricochet to just punch me in the mouth. But he can’t do it! I’m the guy to do it to him, to Drew [McIntyre], to anybody.”

Lashley will get a chance to beat up Drew McIntyre, and win the WWE Title, at Backlash when he faces McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

You can view the current lineup for Backlash by clicking here.

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