Bobby Lashley Open To Riddle's Fight Pit Idea, MVP Injured On Raw | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Tuesday, February 16, 2021:

- In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bobby Lashley revealed he was open to fighting inside of the NXT Fight Pit

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“I thought the United States title was perceived for a long time as just another title, but it has so many great names behind it,” Lashley says. “I’m legit as it gets, and I take a lot of pride in defending this title, especially against guys like Riddle and Lee. I saw Riddle’s idea for a Fight Pit, and I’d love to do something like that for the U.S. title. It won’t change the outcome, but it would be a lot of fun.”

- Following last night's Monday Night Raw, MVP was seen on Raw Talk in crutches. While he was legitimately hurt, it is not certain to what degree. Mike Johnson reports that he has been traveling to Birmingham, Alabama. In the past, Birmingham has been the site of the orthopedic surgeon consulted by WWE Superstars.

- Ahead of the debut of Young Rock on NBC, you can check out the greatest moments of Rocky Johnson and Dwayne Johnson, as compiled by WWE.

- A new fight has been announced For an upcoming ICW event.

- In the past, Mayu Iwatani has been a champion for Ring of Honor. In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai called Mayu her greatest rival and would like to have the opportunity to face her in NXT.

“Yes, Mayu Iwatani is certainly one of my greatest rivals. If we ever have the opportunity to compete for the title at an NXT TakeOver, I am confident we would put on a great show. It is definitely a dream match for me.”

- In an interview with WrestlingInc, Ariane Andrew called Vince McMahon super cool and said he has an energy about him that makes you nervous.

“Yeah, he was super cool. I had a few encounters with Vince, he’s a busy guy. Something about the energy he exudes, it makes you nervous. But he was really cool. Stephanie McMahon is cool, too. Vince’s personality is just different, different vibes.”

- According to MLW, ACH is injured following an attack by Team Filthy.

Following a vicious post-match altercation with Team Filthy, ACH suffered fractured ribs and a collapsed lung last week on FUSION.

Dr. Sweglar has subsequently placed the Austin, TX wrestler on the injured list.

“(ACH) injured the same ribs he had problems with last month,” said Sweglar. “That injury had not healed so now he’s suffering some complications as a result of this incident.” Sweglar continues, “This is a fairly painful injury that will require bed rest and at least 28 days on the mandatory injured list.”

ACH had been vocal about crashing Filthy Island but grounded and ordered to recovery, it would appear ACH will have to wait to give Team Filthy their receipt.

- In other MLW news, Dynasty will be featured on Filthy Island.

- Today, WWE stock closed at $46.50 per share.

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