Bobby Lashley has gotten a chance to show off his acting chops in recent months with his ongoing storyline with Lana. On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Lashley showed a range of emotions as Lana's first ex-husband appeared, Lashley's ex-wife showed up, and then it was revealed Liv Morgan was Lana's lover. Rusev also popped out of a giant cake.

The less serious character for Lashley is all part of the plan orchestrated by Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman.

“A lot of it is just so people can get to know me a little bit more. I’m not that vocal on social media. I think Vince and Paul want people to see the different layers of me to see what Bobby’s about. Let’s see Bobby embarrassed, let’s see Bobby happy, let’s see Bobby pissed off. Let’s see Bobby in all these different moods so that when we do get that match [with Brock Lesnar] there’s a lot more emotion brought to it, so people can know where I’m coming from," said Lashley in a roundtable (via Sportskeeda)

Lashley has continued to angle for a match with Lesnar through interviews since his return in 2018. But the two have been kept apart on television with no signs of a match taking place.

Earlier this week, Lashley revealed that WWE wanted him to be like Mr. T when he first signed with the promotion. You can read his full comments by clicking here.

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