Bobby Roode Originally Doubted His 'Glorious' Theme Would Ever Catch On

Bobby Roode recently spoke with Planeta Wrestling, a Spanish Language wrestling website, and discussed his journey to the NXT Championship.

Here a few submitted highlights:

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Has his experience in NXT been what he thought it would be like?:

"Yeah. I mean I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first came in a little less than a year ago, but I have zero complaints. Having one heck of a ride so far, and to be touring with the brand every week and see how the brand has grown from the day I've started here, seeing the guys who come through here and move up to the main roster, the success they've had so far there, it's been a blast and been a real pleasure to be the face of NXT right now as the champion and getting to carry that ball for a while."

Now that he's champ, what's next for him?:

"My goal from day one was to change NXT and to make it better. Obviously NXT is known as a bit of an underground brand, in the past since I've gotten here I've wanted to kind of shape it up a little bit and make it more business oriented. I wanted to be the guy on all the ad campaigns, commercials, and class up NXT. I think as champion you're viewed as leader and captain of the ship. My goal after Takeover: Orlando - I'm going to beat up Shinsuke Nakamura and I'm going to clean up NXT and make it my own."

Does he believe NXT should tour in Spain?:

"First of all I would love to make Spain glorious. I've never been there but if the fans want NXT I think they should get NXT. There is no other brand that is hotter as far as I'm concerned. It's a different feeling, it's electrifying from the moment those doors open in the buildings, to every single match. The guys and girls go out there and try to steal the show every night. There are no nights off for us and the talent that is there right now, honestly I can tell you the talent that people don't even know - the talent in the Performance Center in Orlando are incredible. If there's an opportunity for NXT to travel to Spain, I'm onboard."

Did he ever think his 'Glorious' entrance music would be as popular as it is?:

"When I first heard it I wasn't too sure. It was very different from what i expected or what I had, but after I listened to it half a dozen times i was like 'You know what? This could be something.' Obviously the song took off huge and for me as a performer I had to live up to that song. I didn't want to just be a guy with a song. I wanted to be a guy with a cool song, a cool entrance, and go out there and be that guy that can carry the ball. I like to think I've done that so far but the song is a big advantage for me. To have that song and link my character to that song. It's been a work in progress but I think we're on a roll right now."

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