Booker T And Corey Graves Reveal That Their "Issue" With One Another Was A Work

Booker T wants everyone who has picked up this story to "wipe the egg off of your face".

Since the news that Jonathan Coachman would be returning to Monday Night RAW as a commentator, the question of "Why is Booker T being removed commentary" was immediately asked. Booker T would then go on and state over his podcast, "Heated Conversations", that Corey Graves is the reason that he is not on commentary anymore, due to Graves' wittiness and making fun of him during RAW. Booker also stated that he was going to fight Corey Graves if he ever saw him on the street.

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Corey Graves would then go onto Twitter and subliminally respond to the rumors; adding on to the belief that the two had an actual problem with one another.


Booker T invited Corey Graves onto his podcast, so that the two could hash out their "problems". It ultimately turned out to be staged and the two men joked about the situation that had everyone speculating on where this issue began and where was it headed from here. The former World Heavyweight Champion stated that people had no idea how happy he was to be moving back to the pre and post shows, because although he enjoys commentary, he is more of a behind the scenes guy.

Corey Graves voiced that he knew the situation had to be a work as soon as he heard Booker call him out: : "When all this blew up, I heard it and I was getting phone calls and text messages: 'You gotta hear this, Booker said this' and as soon as I heard it, I…. I know you like I know you. I was just like ‘that’s Book working’. So I figured, just being of the old school mentality. I’m like: 'Oh, lets have fun with this and God did it take off”."

The WWE Hall Of Famer then asked Corey Graves to share his thoughts on major news publications, as well as wrestling news sites covering the "issue" with no factual information.

Graves: "Well first, I was surprised that we were able to work the entire wrestling industry. Somehow nobody bothered to call and ask. On the other hand its scary because to your point, in the grand scheme of things, you and I are relatively inconsequential to the good of the United States or the world as a whole, right, we're entertainers. We just out there and try to make ourselves laugh and keep ourselves occupied. So God forbid, this story, involving two guys like us, blows up to the point…. Imagine how much of the stuff you get on a daily basis about whether its government or politics or any sort of news. People didn’t check any facts, I didn't get any phone calls from these wrestling journalists, nothing. They just went: “Oh these two hate each other and they're gonna fight."


Booker T & Corey Graves have done what they do best, which is entertain and have done so in a way that drew a lot of attention toward themselves, by simply doing what they did every Monday night.


If you are going to use any of the quotes below, credit "Heated Conversations", with an H/T to for the transcriptions.

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