Booker T Claps Back At "Dirt Sheet Writers" Criticizing WWE HOF Inductions Of Harlem Heat & Torrie Wilson

Booker T wants nothing to do with your criticism of the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame class.

Speaking on his Heated Conversations podcast, Booker T responded to those who don't believe Harlem Heat -- specifically Stevie Ray -- and Torrie Wilson are Hall of Fame worthy

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"What dictates whether you should get into the Hall of Fame or not? We’ve had dirt sheet writers talking about my brother shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. People that hadn’t done anything for this business talking about who should or who shouldn’t get into the Hall of Fame," said Booker. "My thing is this, if you’ve done nothing and contributed ZERO as far as taking one bump on the road, you don’t know who should get in and who shouldn’t get into the Hall of Fame. Torrie Wilson is definitely Hall of Fame worthy. She’s paved the way for so many other lovelies, just like herself, who perhaps didn’t think that they could do it because they didn’t fit that mold. Torrie Wilson gave them that belief in themselves to say, ‘If Torrie Wilson can do it, I could do it too.’ So Torrie is definitely a Hall of Famer as far as I’m concerned."

Booker continued, "All the critics out there, all the pundits who have never done anything, who has never taken one bump, who will never be awarded for anything they’ve done in their lives, they need to step off. Torrie Wilson, you’ve got my stamp of approval sweetheart. You stepped up. Torrie Wilson was a draw. When you see Torrie Wilson walk through the hotel lobby, you know that's a star."

Finally, Booker took aim at the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, who has been very critical of WWE for including Stevie Ray in their Hall of Fame. 

"And the — what’s his name? — the Dave Meltzers. I can’t even remember the guy’s name. He doesn’t understand that kinda stuff. And I hate even giving him a plug on my show because that’s what kind of dirtbag he is. I just have to throw that out there too. If I see him anywhere, it better not be a Starbucks. I’mma be whooping his ass," Booker laughed. "But that’s another story."

Stevie Ray has already warned"When the HOF is over, fans will get to hear what I really think of Dave."

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is scheduled for Apr. 6, the night before WrestleMania 35. 

You can listen to the entire clip with Booker T in the video above.

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