Booker T Doesn't Think Jordan Myles Handled WWE Shirt Situation Properly; Doesn't Want Involved

The Jordan Myles situation boiling over has plenty of people talking, among those is WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

A situation unfolded over the weekend where Myles went off on WWE brass for pushing through a WWE t-shirt featuring his name that appeared to utilize black face. 

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After being tagged in numerous tweets about the matter, Booker spoke of it on his Youtube channel Monday. 

"I've been a part of WWE since 2001, and I've had several t-shirts. Every t-shirt all the way up to the hall of fame, they came up to me and gave me several designs. Even back to WCW, I was always a part of the process. I don't know how this t-shirt got out without him knowing about it first and foremost," said Booker. 

Beyond Booker's feelings about the situation, he didn't think the shirt was created with malice, but that it was a garbage looking shirt. He also feels like racial controversies are cooked up out of nowhere. 

"It's not our job to step up and defend Jordan Myles over his t-shirt. One thing I will say, it's not a good looking t-shirt. It's an ugly shirt. The t-shirt has a black background to it, 90 percent of the shirts have a black background to it. Did it look like black face? Maybe to some people on social media said that. There's a lot of negative people on social media who are looking for anything to make racial. It happens all the time. I can't think the guys went into it (looking) to make a racial shirt about Jordan Myles. To me, the firestorm is not worth going through this," Booker stated.

The WWE Hall of Famer continued to sound off on the controversy by taking the former ACH to task for voicing his grievances on social media. To Booker, unless he's getting paid by his social media following, the issues are meant for WWE and Myles to directly handle. 

"Is it something that should have been talked about? Yes. This going to social media crap is the worst thing I've seen in my life. Your business and your job is your business, with that company. It's not for the world to come in. I don't know the last time someone on social media signed my check. Because they don't sign your check they shouldn't know what you're doing? You're damn right! It should be handled, and handled behind closed doors. I've had many racial issues I've dealt with in this business, and none of them have been on social media. There has never been a racial issue that has gone over my head or I've swept under the rug. Every time anyone has said anything racial to me, I've handled it. To hear this Uncle Tom crap -- I heard Jay Lethal's name. I've heard people call me an Uncle Tom, I wish they'd do it to my face, I'll show you what an Uncle Tom looks like, if you do it in public," said Booker T, before clarifying he wants social media complaints reduced.

You can see Booker's full comments above. Please credit Fightful and link to this story when using this transcript. 

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