Booker T Feels Brock Lesnar Is In A Catch-22 & Will Be Criticized By Fans Whether He Shows Up Or Not

Brock Lesnar recently announced his intention to enter the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble match. This is unique as Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Champion and the winner of the Royal Rumble earns the right to challenge the World Champion of his choosing.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T commented on Lesnar's entry into the 2020 match, saying that Lesnar's involvement makes it a much more appealing scenario because now the floodgates are open for many possible outcomes that can affect WrestleMania and beyond while also addressing the complaints of fans who think it's not right that Brock Lesnar is entering the Royal Rumble as champion.

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"He could win the rumble, challenge The Fiend for the [Universal Championship] and then just leave and go back to UFC and win the championship there, go to Bellator and win over there too. Yeah, man, it's a great idea," Booker began. "I don't think it's the first time has been done or anything like that. But for Brock Lesnar, a guy who is not around on a regular basis, to actually say, 'hey, I'm coming in and I'm coming in at number one,' what's crazy is you hear people complain about that. And I say, man, what is it? You know, [Brock Lesnar's] doomed if he shows up, doomed if he doesn't."

Booker would go on to say Brock Lesnar has the ability to make a star with this appearance citing Drew McIntyre as an example.

He continued, "I think Brock being in the rumble adds so much more flavor to what's going on. Because We've talked about Drew McIntyre, Drew McIntyre has never had a WWE Championship match. For him to be in the Royal Rumble as well, there's a moment there for someone to be made. If Brock Lesnar wins it, it's great. If Brock Lesnar doesn't win, it could be great for someone else. I see the scenarios playing out so many different ways with Brock Lesnar in this thing."

The 2020 Royal Rumble goes down at Minute Maid Park in Houston Texas on Sunday, January 26th.

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