Booker T Says Braun Strowman Is "In Position To Be The Next Undertaker, The Next Kane"

Booker T thinks that WWE is heading into a boom period for big men.

Booker expounded on these thoughts during a recent episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, which was recorded prior to the Payback pay-per-view. 

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"It's almost a resurgence of the big man," he said. "For a while there, you know, we wondered, where'd the big guy go? Now we see big guys showing back up—like a Braun Strowman , like a Baron Corbin, guys that actually can go out there and perform at a very high level."

Booker had some especially high praise for Strowman, who has been positioned as one of the top talents on the Raw brand after months of bellowing, rampaging, ambulance-flipping fury. The WWE Hall of Famer and former five-time world champion, Booker T noted Strowman for his "high IQ.

"The guy actually can go out there and think his way through his performance," Booker said. "For a guy that hasn't been in the business for quite that long, that shows me what he's thinking about. He's not thinking about going out there and just doing a whole lot of moves. He's not just going out there thinking about beating a guy up or hitting him with something big. I remember a couple guys from the past that just wanted to go out there and hit their big moves. This guy, he's actually a thinker. ... In leaps and bounds he has stretched his game and put himself in position to be the next Undertaker, the next Kane. And that position, guys, it don't come too often."

Booker added that he particularly enjoyed the recent matches between Big Show and Strowman on Raw. The last matchup between those two collapsed the ring to end the April 17 episode of Raw.

"I've not seen two big men go out and perform at such a high level in quite some time," he said, going on to describe Big Show as "a Picasso of big men."

Click here to check out the entire episode of Heated Conversations.


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