Booker T Says Dark Side Of The Ring Reached Out For Buff Bagwell Episode, He Declined To Appear

Booker T speaks on the Buff Bagwell edition of Dark Side of the Ring and reflects on their only match on Monday Night Raw.

Booker T is currently employed by WWE but he was recently contacted by the producers of VICE's Dark Side of the Ring to appear in the episode about Buff Bagwell which was the second episode of the fifth season of the series.

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On a recent edition of his podcast, Booker T revealed that he was invited to appear on the episode but declined.

"Dark Side of the Ring, they reached out to me to be part of some of these series and episodes, but I turned it down just because, anything that happened with Buff Bagwell and I, anything I have to say about Buff Bagwell, it’s private," said Booker. "It’s something that’s internal, it’s something that him and I know and I’m not going to expose it or put it out there or anything like that just because I don’t think the world really needs to know what happened with Bagwell and I, and that night, or anything like that. The way it’s written is the way it’s going to be told from here on out. I won’t have anything to say about it."

Booker T faced off against Buff Bagwell on the July 2, 2001 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. It would be the one and only appearance of Buff Bagwell in WWE.

Booker T explained some of what happened that night including that both he and Bagwell were told not to worry about the audience.

"Let me speak on one thing, just to clarify. That night Bagwell and I had to go out and work, it was the first time it was two WCW guys in the main event," said Booker. I do remember agents talking to me and telling me exactly what they didn’t want me to do. They told me to look straight at the camera, go out, and work. Don’t shake nobody's hands. That was my thing, going out happy, shaking hands, high-fiving. They told Bagwell the exact same thing. Go straight out and go to work. Don’t even think about the fans. That was something that I found very odd, kind of suspicious.

"We weren’t put in a position to succeed back then in WWE. None of the WCW guys were. We were put out there to fail. We were put out there to get our asses beat and for WWE to plant that flag and say, ‘We won this war," he added. "We got the best wrestlers in the world and we just proved it with these two guys in the ring.’ That part of Marcus Bagwell’s story is 100% true. Was is the greatest match I had? No. Was it the worst match? I don’t think it was the worst match I ever had. I do know, whatever we did that night, those fans in Tacoma, Washington, didn’t give a damn about Booker T or Marcus Bagwell. It was a rough night."

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While Buff Bagwell was never seen in WWE again. Booker T went on to have a very successful WWE career and has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on two occasions.

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