Booker T Speaks On Chris Jericho's Evolution & Use Of Creative Freedom To Adapt To The Modern Times

Chris Jericho's ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of the squared circle has kept him at the forefront of the modern-day wrestling boom.

Booker T recently commented on Jericho's ability to adapt on his Hall Of Fame podcast.

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Booker would admit that upon originally seeing the Painmaker version of Jericho in Japan, he was a little hesitant at first.

"This is a guy that has always been able to reinvent himself. I don't know how many Chris has been able to do this and do it to the point where people go, 'man. This is a new Chris Jericho," Booker began. "When I first saw him in Japan and he came out and he had the face paint on and he had the hat on and the spiked jacket, and I'm like, 'what is going on with Chris, man?' But, it worked. Especially over there in Japan. They love the pageantry, man. They love being able to go out and make the fans look at the wrestling so much more than just the wrestling match. You see something so different when you watch a New Japan big show in the Tokyo Dome. There's gonna be somebody coming out dressed so flamboyantly."

This would then lead to a discussion about letting younger talent find themselves so they can be as confident later in their years as Chris Jericho is today.

"I think it's something that we definitely need," Booker continued. "I think when you have someone like Chris Jericho, and not just someone just like Chris Jericho, we've got so many young guys out there that [are] just looking to come up, they're looking to find their own niche. They're looking to literally create their own identity. And I think if we just sat back a little bit and give them the reins I think to actually do it. I think overproducing sometime can actually handcuff you know young talent more than [help them.]"

One young talent Booker sees potential in is Chris Jericho's protege in the Inner Circle, Sammy Guevara. Read more about that here.

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